Clingo Neklit Turns Your iPod Nano into a Necklace


To many people, the Apple iPod Nano already is more of a fashion accessory than a techno gadget, so the people at Clingo decided to let them wear it as a necklace, by inventing the Neklit.

The Clingo Neklit is designed to turn your old Nano into a necklace, so you can listen to music and be trendy, at the same time. The Neklit features a sticky pad that holds the iPod in place, without retaining residue or losing its properties in time. It features adjustable lanyard and you can wear it with anything you have lying around.

The Clingo Neklit will be available soon, for $19.99. If you don’t fancy an iPod Nano necklace, Clingo’s sticky material comes in a variety of shaps, such as a universal gadget stand, a car mount, and others.

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