Flying KeyMouse Is Just What the Name Says


One of the coolest keyboard and mouse combinations ever invented, the wireless Flying KeyMouse makes you feel like you’re using a Wii remote.

The 2.4 Ghz USB Wireless KeyMouse features 75 keys, a tiny design that makes it ultra-portable, and introduces a smart concept called an air mouse. Using a new kind of position technology, the Flying KeyMouse has you waving through the air, in order to handle the cursor.

Suitable for any environment, thanks to its lightness and ingenious design, the Wireless Flying KeyMouse costs only $59 and can be picked up from Brando. You have to admit that’s a bargain, considering the fun you’ll have trying to do a simple task, like opening a folder.

Check out more photos, after the break.


Flying-KeyMouse3via Brando

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