Gboard – The Gmail Keypad That Makes Emailing Easy


As a big fan of Gmail, I was thrilled when I first read about the Gboard, a custom keypad that’s supposed to make accessing Google’s email client, a breeze.

The Gboard is an interesting concept that features 19 colorful buttons, each asigned to a Gmail shortcut. All you have to do is plug it in one of your USB ports and handling emails will be a lot smoother. The Gboard will come in handy to those of us who check our email accounts every 5 minutes or so.

Check the full specs of the Gboard, after the break. You can own it for $19.99.

* Keypad with 19 common Gmail shortcuts
* Plug & play, easy to learn
* Three steps:
o Plug in the USB cable.
o Turn on keyboard shortcuts.
o Profit! (After all, saved time = money, right?)
* Dimensions: 4.88 X 3.5 X .38 inches
* WEIGHT: 0.3 lb
* System requirements:
o US Keyboard Layout
o Recent Apple OS
o Recent Windows OS
o Ubuntu (other *nix versions untested)
o Current Browser
o USB port

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