PowerV Duo Wirelessly Charges Two Wiimotes at Once


The new PowerV Duo induction charger is just what you need to save your self the hassle of untangling wires, when your devices have finished charging.

The new PowerV Duo, from Konnet Technologies, is an induction charging dock that fits two Wiimotes and two USB devices and charges them simultaniously. All you need to do is place the Wiimotes on the PowerV Duo, with or without the Motion Plus and silicone casing, and wait for them to finish charging.

The PowerV Duo detects the remotes as soon as they’re placed on it, and begins charging, according to its rechargeable battery strength. The LED indicator is red during the charging process and turns blue, once it has completed. To avoid unnecessary power wastage, the PowerV Duo stops charging as soon as the devices are fully charged.

You can get your very own PowerV Duo induction charger, from Konnet, for $35.

via TechChee

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