QuickerTek Charge Monitor Measures the Power Input of Your iPad

QuickerTek-Charge-MonitorThe popular Apple iPad is known as a power-hungry piece of machienery, and knowing just how much current is going into it, is actually more important than you think.

The QuickerTek Charge Monitor is designed to tell you just how much power is coming out of your USB ports, and into the iPad. Bceause of its insatiable appetite only a few computer models can actually generate enough energy to effectively recharge it. All you have to do is stick it into one of your gadgets’  USB ports and stick a USB cable at the other end. The four LED markers light up, depending on the power levels.

It might seem like a useful device, but considering most USB 2.0 ports only deliver 500mA (with only a few recent Gigabyte entries cranked up to 1500mA) it’s worth knowing if you can use USB to recharge your gadgets. Since the iPad requires at least 1000mA to recharge, the QuickerTek Charge Monitor can help you find the USB port with the right amount of juice.

The QuickerTek Charge Monitor costs $29.95 and is compatible with Apple products like the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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