Seagate To Launch 3TB HDD By The End Of 2010

Seagate HDD

It appears that rumors saying that Seagate will launch a 3TB hard disk drive later this year are true.

The company’s upcoming HDD will only be compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Why is that? The current LBA (logical block addressing) standard offers support for hard drives up to 2.1TB of storage capacity. So, in order to work with full power, the drive requires a 64-bit OS such as Windows 7, Vista and some versions of Linux.

So if you are eager to try Seagates’s upcoming 3TB hard disk drive, you’ll need to get rid of your copy of Windows XP. For now, there are no details on when the new drive will be available of about pricing, but it will surely be expensive.

Via ThinQ

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