The Senior Citizen Cellphone That Can Save Your Life


Those huge keys can be a bit misleading, but that is neither a pocket calculator, nor a remote control. It’s actually a mobile phone for the elderly.

Suddenly, those huge buttons make a little sense, right? They’re for people who’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and it saves the time they’d spent looking for their glasses. The Senior Citizen phone also comes with a built-in flash light, for seeing in the dark, FM radio and, most importantly, an SOS button. This can be programmed to dial four  phone numbers and send SMS to them, in case of emergencies. When the SOS button is pressed, it also makes a loud warning sound, alerting everyone in the premises.

The Senior Citizen Phone may not have a touchscreen, or all kinds of crazy apps, but it will literally save your life.



via Shopkami

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