Google-Owned Nest Devices Are Now Compatible With Third-Party Home Automation Products

Nest Protect


The Google-owned Nest company that manufactures home automatic products has recently launched a series that integrates in great harmony with third-party automatic systems in your homes. That means your products won’t work independently anymore but communicate with each other and work all together.

Some of these automatic products that have already been launched are the Peeble Smartwatches that you can use to control the temperature in your entire home, the voice-controlled home manager ivee that will notify you when a peak energy starts and ends and monitors the position of your family members through an app and adjust the temperature according to the time they’ll get or leave home.

Nest are preparing to launch a thermostat (and smoke detector) that can be paired with the rest of your home automatic produts. More of them are WallyHome, a device that monitors water leaks, Rachio, a smart device that turns on sprinkles around the house when the NestProtect detects fire and smoke and the alarm has been triggered.

Google and Nest have new projects in mind, so we are waiting with curiosity for their future products. In my opinion, it will be a good choice to purchase some of these devices if not all of them, due to the security and comfort they offer.

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