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Power Pyramid Supreme Is the Ultimate Controller Charging Device


Charging your controllers is a simple enough task, but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? With the Power Pyramid Supreme, from Konnet, now you can.

If you only have one console, either a PlayStation3 or an Xbox 360, storing and charging controllers isn’t too much of a hassle, but if you’re lucky enough to own both, you need something like the Konnet Power Pyramid Supreme. This awesome gadget acts as a charger and holder for your controllers, when you’re not busy mashing their buttons.


Woodie MacBook Skin From Karvt

Karvt Wooden Skin

Do you remember the Goldstriker team which has a whole range of gadgets covered with gold, platinum or diamonds?  Similar to the Goldstriker team are the guys from Karvt who created this MacBook skin made of real wood.

You can choose from bamboo, cherry, maple, pine and walnut, all backed with 3M adhesive for easy stick-on and retails for $35 each and, for another $50, you will be offered the “Artist Series”  that uses laser etching technology for an extra layer of design to the wood.

You can pre-order any model you want from Karvt online store

Via Gizmodo

Monthly Budget Calculator Keeps Your Savings Intact


Living on a monthly budget can be pretty hard, especially if you’re used to spending money on a lot of stuff. But the monthly budget calculator can make things a little bit simpler.

I know what you’re thinking, you could set some spending limits using your smartphone, but for those who like a more straightforward approach, this little gadget is worth its weight in gold.  You can use the monthly budget calculator to track spending in 6 categories: food, apparel, transportation, entertainment personal care and miscellaneous. You can set maximum limits for every category, and enter every expenditure, as it takes place. This way you’ll be able to keep track of where all the money goes, without having to tap into the children’s college funds.


TokyoFlash Gets Social with New Instant Trend Watch


TokyoFlash watches are internationally famous for the weird way they display time, but Instant Trend is the first Japanese time-piece to integrate social media.

Following in the tradition that made TokyoFlash so popular, Instant Trend has a very special way of complicating the way simple time is displayed. But its large, clear OLED display can also show tweets and Facebook update, if connected to a mobile phone, via Bluetooth.

With social media so hot right now, and everybody trying to integrate popular micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook, TokyoFlash Instant Trend could prove to be a big hit.

Check out how time and messages are displayed, after the break.


Universal Wrist Charger

Universal Wrist Charger

The Universal Wrist Charger is not what you probably think it is. Yes, it recharges any device that requires up to 5.5v, but the process is not about moving your wrist, even if it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

The bracelet has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 1,500mAh capacity and 4 LED indicators that will show you how much power is left after you have recharged your devices. After the bracelet runs out of energy, it can be recharged via a USB cable.

The Universal Wrist Charger weighs only 82g and retails at Think Geek for $34.99.

Energy System Launches The First Tactile MP5 Player

Energy Series 42

I bet you all have at least an MP3 or an MP4 player in your pocket that you use in many of your everyday activities, and I’m also sure that you’ll have your eyes wide open when you’ll here about the first tactile MP5 player.

Energy System has announced the first tactile MP5 player, the Energy Series 42, which is available in two colors, Blue and Pink, for the 4 GB and also Black, only for the 8GB version. The device features a 2.4-inch TFT tactile screen which was designed to work both with your fingers or with the stylus pen and offers quick and precise response to your commands.

Read more about the Energy Series 42 in the Press Release after the jump (more…)

Dude Makes DIY Bazooka LED Flashlight


Probably the most powerful home-made flashlight in the world, the 500 LED Bazooka flashlight is a luminescent monster.

LEDs have so many advantages, compared to the old incandescent light bulbs, including lower power consumption and a longer life span, that it was only natural they were going to make a better flashlight. Featuring several brightness switches, the 500 LED flashlight can be used in different situations, but not in very tight rooms, since you need both hands to hold it.

Compared to two Maglites, the bazooka flashlight is infinitely brighter, both indoors and outdoors. jump to the video, at the bottom, to see it in action.


Gluvi Is Like a Condom for Your Remote


Admit it, you love mashing those remote control buttons, while you’re munching on potato chips, or some other greasy snack. Thanks to Gluvi, you won’t have to worry about getting your remote dirty.

I remember when I was a kid, my parents would wrap our remote in multiple layers of cellophane, to protect the poor thing from my destructive hands. Nowadays the solution to this problem is similar, but a lot better looking. Gluvi acts like a condom for your remote, just slip it over the device and it’s instantly protected from grease, dust, crumbs between the buttons, and even germs.


The Suave Cellphone Watch Looks Like A Regular Dress Watch

Suave CellPhone Watch

Do you want to have your pockets free but still have your mobile phone with you? Or do you have to cheat to pass an exam but you’re afraid of being caught? The Suave Cellphone Watch will do the job.

This wristwatch features a 1.5″ glass LCD touch screen display and some details such as an ultra-flat polymer rechargeable battery and hidden mini USB port were designed so that the watch to keep the dimensions of a regular dress watch.


IDAPT i4 Universal Charger Packs Enough Juice for All Your Gadgets


IDAPT has come up with some innovative charging ports, over the years, and the new i4 is definitely part of the family.

Featuring a series of interchangeable tips, the IDAPT i4 charging dock will be compatible with over 4,000 modern gadgets, ranging from mobile phones, to GPS devices and even handheld gaming consoles. And better yet, thanks to multiple ports, you’ll be able to charge up to four devices at once.

Scheduled for launch at the upcoming CTIA Wireless 2010, held in Las Vegas, the IDAPT i4 is expected to be available sometime in May, for a price of $59.99. Pretty affordable, considering this thing can charge up any of your gadgets and looks good doing it.


The i-Luv Speaker Bar Is Perfect For Your iPad


The i-Luv speaker bar is nothing more than another iPad accessory and it can be connected to the Apple iPad via a 3.5mm jack.

Called the iSP150, the device is powered by four AAA batteries and it can also be used together with other devices with a 3.5mm jack socket, such as iPod, iPhone, laptops etc. The powerful built-in speakers offer you high quality and clear sound. The speaker bar is fully mobile and perfect for travel, it has built-in power switch and volume control and it can also be powered via USB cable.

The Speaker Bar can be purchased from the i-Luv online store for $34.99.

The AT&T Zero Charger Prevents Wastage of Electricity

AT&T ZERO Charger

Since with the financial crisis, i think that nobody wants to pay extra money for electricity due to the wastage of energy. But how can we prevent this cause?

Many of us still leave the their cellphone to charge even when it’s fully charged so the charge will continue drawing power, resulting a serious waste of electricity. The AT&T ZERO Charger seems to solve the problem. Being an ultra green charger, the device will stop drawing electricity once the cellphone’s battery is fully charged. This means that you shouldn’t worry about leaving your charger plugged, as well as for the battery lifespan which will not be affected.


Microsoft Launches Trio of HD Webcams


The Microsoft LifeCam line just got three fresh new editions, all capable of 720p HD video. The LifeCam HD-5000 and HD-5001 webcams look slightly different, but have very similar components. They are both priced at $49.95, and Microsoft prides itself on supplying the only 720p HD widescreen and autofocus webcams, for under $50.

The LifeCam Hd-6000 webcam is aimed at notebook, and apart from 720p video and autofocus, it sports a 360 degrees rotation view that allows you to show the world your surroundings. All three HD webcams feature TrueColor technology, making you look even better than in real life.


Astro Gaming Presents A30 Cross-Gaming Headset


With online gaming becoming more and more popular, the need for high-quality gaming headsets has also been growing constantly. Now, it’s time for Astro to announce its A-30 Cross-Gaming Headset.

Astro’s latest accessory builds on the concept of the Astro A-40, but features a street style designs and is compatible with both cellphones and consoles. Basically, the new Astro A30 Cross-Gaming Headset is a headset and a set of headphones all rolled into one.

It features a double-mic system that makes your shouting crystal clear, customizable speaker tags and built-in Dolby-powered ASTRO MixAmp that mixes voice and game sounds. Sadly, the MixAmp bumps the price tag of the Astro A-30 to $229.95. But you can get the stand-alone version, for just $149.95.

Press release after the jump.


The Novothink Solar Surge Case Juices Your iPhone and iPod Touch With Solar Power

Novothink Solar Surge Case

Novothink has unveiled the first charger for iPhones and iPods that is officially certified by Apple. The Solar Surge case uses solar energy to juice your phone’s battery with electricity and it has 4 multi-colored LEDs to show the state of the charge.

But what if the sun’s refuses to show? If this happens, the case won’t work and you will have to come back to the USB cable for standard charging.  When the sun is up again, the solar panels on the back of the case will return to work and give you energy.


GPS Travelogue Tracks Your Globetrotting Journeys


The GPS Travelogue makes good use of GPS technology to track and record everywhere you go on your travels.

Travelogue may look small, but it packs 64 Mb of internal memory, where it literally stores every step you take. The GPS wonder-box records data in real time, and it can be programmed to update position at intervals between 1 second and 59 minutes. Travelogue is able to track up to 260,000 waypoints, including distance, altitude, speed and time.

This travel gadget is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and Xp and can upload recorded data to online mapping services like Google Earth. A full charge guarantees up to 30 hours of functionality.


Hold Your iPhone In A Silverware Man Sculpture

iPhone Silverware Stand

Some designers from ForkedUpArt have thought to create a unique stand for you iPhone and the result was not only original, but an amazing piece of art. The stand comes as a silverware man and you can choose from the iFork or the iSpoon. Even if it’s docked, you will have full access on your iPhone’s screen or charging slot. You can have the iFork or the iSpoon for $30 each. Check out more pictures after the jump. (more…)

4N Watch : Only 16 Will Be Made

4N French Watch

4N is a French company and it created this wristwatch that many of you might consider it…odd. Called the MVT01/D01, the watch has a face made form 18K gold or platinum, at your choice. Inside the watch there are three titanium and aluminum disks that form a mechanism in order to show the correct hours and minutes, all these packed in a carbon cage. The watch is powered by an old school winding mechanism.


Sony’s 3D Glasses Will Have You Break the Piggy Bank


Japanese tech giant, Sony, has announced a slick line of 3D LCD TV’s scheduled to hit retailer shelves in June, and with it, a set of really expensive series of 3D glasses.

After Sony announced the prices of its 3D peripherals, it has become clear the Japanese manufacturer plans to cash in on not just the 3D LCDs, but accessories as well. I hope you’re sitting down, cause these prices might cause faints, and even seizures.

Sony‘s TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses, will be priced at $133 each, when they hit stores, in June. And a set of four Sony 3D glasses and infrared transmitter, to drive them, will have you fork out a staggering $587.


Solar Vest Is Practical and Geeky at the Same Time


Mixing fashion with technology, the Chinese have created the CVFR-S09 Solar Vest, a vest that charges all your gadgets, on the go.

The Solar Vest is designed for people who work mainly outdoors, and lack the time to always charge their various electronic devices. Featuring plenty of storage space, this solar charging fashion accessory has 4 laminated solar panels, on the back, so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet. These babies capture the sun’s energy and store it in the 8,800mAh battery, located in the vest’s front left pocket.