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Bacteria Beware, Ninja Assasins Are Out to Get You


Germs and bacteria that thought your toothbrush was a safe haven are about to be hnted and burned alive by skilled, ultraviolet-wielding ninja toothbrush sanitizers.

I’m sure you’ve tried to clean your toothbrush of bacteria, but now it’s time to step back and let trained professionals handle the job. Bred for the soul purpose of burning germs alive, with ultraviolet light, these deadly ninja’s will fry even the most resilient bacteria, hiding in your toothbrush.

All you need to to do is hire one of these cute-but-lethal ninjas, for the small price of just $37 and your toothbrush will be safe forever. Not a bad price for this type of service.

via Gizmodo

Heated Weed Eliminator Tool Makes Killing Weeds Fun


Pulling the weeds from a garden, with your bare hands, is really no fun, and it can sometimes cause annoying back pains. So why not get rid of the weeds and have fun, at the same time?

With the Heated Weed Eliminator Tool the task of killing weeds actually becomes pleasant. Why punish your hands or use dangerous chemicaks, when you can just burn those buggers alive. All you have to do is turn this baby on, stick it into the root of the plant and burn it to death.

The Heated Weed Eliminator is available for purchase, at Whatever Works, for $99.99. I know that sounds like a lot, but just think of the fun you’ll have while making your parents proud.

Cravendale Milk Jug Tells You When Milk Gets Sour


Research has shown over 300,000 tonnes of milk are thrown away each year, i the UK alone. To combat this problem, the guys at Cravendale have invented a magic milk jug.

The issue of thrown-away milk is more serious than it appears, considering it generates tonnes of CO2 emissions, every year. But a simple British invention could make things a lot better for the environment. The Cravendale research team has studied the bacteria that turns milk sour and managed to create a milk jug that detects spoiled milk.


D-Link 3G Doorbell Lets You Monitor Your Door from Afar

d-link-3G-doorbellThe little D-Link 3G doorbell may not look much different that any regular doorbells, but it is really so much more.

If you’re a busy businessman, always on the go, you’ll most likely appreciate this little device that allows you to monitor your front door, from anywhere in the world. The D-Link 3G doorbell features a slot for your SIM card, a 0.1 megapixel camera, speaker and mic, which allow you to see what’s going on in front of your house, and communicate with visitors.

The D-Link 3G basically lets you monitor your front door through a mobile phone, and acts as an outdoor intercom. It may sound complicated, but the D-Link installs and is powered like any other traditional doorbell. It will be available through D-Link service providers, but the price is yet to be announced.

via Engadget

Onda Elis Lamp Doubles as a WIFI Hotspot


What’s the last thing you’d expect a lamp to do? Ok, ok don’t say things like talk, walk, float and stuff. Anyway, this particular lamp can connect you to the internet.

The Elis lamp, produced by Onda, has a really interesting design, and I wouldn’t mind having it in my bedroom. But design isn’t exactly the lamp’s main feature, considering it has a built-in WIFI module that enables internet connections at speeds of up to 21 Mbps. It also features an Ethernet port.

Showcased at MWC 2010, the Onda Elis WIFI lamp. proves how simple it is to include useful functions in common household items. More photos after the jump.


ChiliBed Matress Has Built-in Heating and Cooling for All Seasons


Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have your matress cool on those hot summer nights, or heat-up when there’s a blizzard outside? Well, then the ChiliBed matress is your dream come-true.

Invented by Todd Youngblood, nephew of the man who invented waterbeds, ChiliBed features built in heating and cooling coils that make able to reach any temperatures between 48 and 118 degrees Fahrenheit. The matress itself is made from 100% soy, so it’s environment friendly.

Mr. Youngblood wants to comercialize his invention in the form of ChiliBeds, but they’re not on the market yet. The matress pads, however, will available come March, for a price ranging from $399 to $649. More on how the heating and cooling part goes, after the jump.


Phillips LivingColors Lamp Gets Version 2 Upgrade


Just like the first generation of Phillips LivingColors lamps, version 2 prides itself on making repainting obsolete.

Perfect for people living in rented apartments, or for those who simply hate the mess of repainting, the LivingColors lamp colors any room in the shade of your choice, for as long as you keep it plugged in. Maintaining the same bulb-like shape and clever remote, Phillips LivingColors v2 produces a total of 16 million colors, through a combination of 7 LEDs and a 50% stronger light.

Phillips‘ intelligent device also comes in an opaque version for a more concentrated light beam and features a useful metal stand. LivingColors lamp version 2 retails at a price ranging between $230-$350, depending on the model.

More photos of Phillips LivingColors lamp after the jump (more…)

Toshiba Escargot Vacuum

Toshiba has teamed up with Electrolux in order to develop this vacuum concept, the Escargot.

The vacuum is placed between the two large aluminium wheels  and can be rolled on the floor or carried with a shoulder strap. The cyclone vaccum offers high suction power and it comes with a dozen of attachments in order to reach hard corners too.

The whole thing weighs only 2.1kg and when not in use, the vacuum can be rolled back between the two wheels in order to occupy very little space.

Via Designboom

Escargot Vacuum 1


Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

The humidifiers are ideal for children but also for those suffering from certain allergies. The Crane Cool Mist Humidifier uses 1 gallon of tap water which is transformed into 2 liters of cold mist that can last for about 11 hours and it consumes very little energy. You can find the Crane Cool Mist Humidifier at a price around $38 and you can choose from 10 funny characters,as you see in the pictures above.

Via Amazon

Dragon Shape Crane Humidifier


Silent Vacuum Cleaner with iPod Dock included

Every time I have to use the vacuum cleaner, the smile on my face disappears and this is not because of the effort, but the annoying noise created by the vacuum. Electrolux came up with the idea of a silente vacuum cleaner which operates at just 68dB. To emphasize this, they also added an iPod dock and a speaker onto the device, so you can now listen to music and clean the house at the same time.

Silent Vacuum Cleaner

Via Wired

Vax Life Unplugged Vacuum Cleaner

vax-launches-vax-life-vacuum-0 Vax has presented a new vacuum cleaner, the Vax LIFE Unplugged. The device is light and easy, so everyone can use it, and it has a battery based on lithium ion technology which offers strong power until it is 100% drained. The vacuum can be left anywhere in the house because it has a modern design. It uses a “Wind Tunnel” technology to lift the dirt that will be then trapped inside,eliminating the possibility to come out again of the vacuum cleaner.

The Vax LIFE Unplugged is NOW available at a price around £200 and it comes with a 6-year guarantee.

Via PocketLint