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Lomography’s Spinner Camera Is Capable Of 360° Panoramic Stills

Lemography Camera

Lomography’s Spinner Camera is the one of the best ways to take a 360° panoramic photo.

Different than the usual cameras which can take panoramic photos up to 120°, the Spinner Camera has a handle on its lower side to hold it with one hand and a cord to pull with the other. After you release the cord, the camera spins at 360° in approximately one second capturing the desired panoramic photo.

The Lomography’s Spinner Camera is using a 35 mm film for a retro aspect and retails for $116 in stores or you can go to Lomography where you’ll find the camera in different offer packages.

Eyenimal – The Camera That Spies on Your Pet


Ever wondered where your pets go, what they do, when you’re not around to watch them? ith the Eyenimal pet camera, you always have your eye on them.

Eyenimal is the first camera that straps around your pet’s neck and let’s you experience the world, from his perspective. Whether you want to check out his daily habits, or simply relieve all the fun times you had together, Eyenimal is just what you need. It has 8 Gb of memory,  shoots footage in VGA format and connects to your computer via USB.


Altek To Launch 14 Megapixel Camera Phone

Altek Leo

Altek has developed a new camera phone which features an impressive camera lens. Called the Altek Leo 3.5G, the handset has been presented as a smartphone and comes with a 14 megapixel CCD sensor.

Even if technical specs haven’t been made public yet, we know that the cameraphone is capable of shooting in HD, it has LED flash for video mode and Xenon flash for picture mode and 3x optical zoom.

The smartphone’s other features include WiFi and 3G connectivity with HSPDA support and it seems it will be running a version of Google’s Android OS. Altek said that they will release more information on the Altek Leo 3.5G at CommunicAsia 2010 event which takes place in June.


Samsung’s Latest Ultra Compact Camcorder : The SMX-C20UN

Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder

Samsung‘s latest Ultra Compact Camcorder has been launched and it comes with a 25 degree active angle lens.

Known as Samsung SMX-C20UN, the camcorder features a 25 degree active angle lens that is perfect for a healthy hand position and reduces wrist pain and fatigue. The camcorder also offers you the possibility to edit and divide your recordings without using a computer.

Another cool feature is that the camcorder allows you to shot amazing videos, such as those of opening flowers, due to the time lapse recording.

The Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder can be yours for $199.99

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Samsung HMX-H205 Promises Clearer Images

Samsung HMX-H205

Samsung has just announced its latest camcorder, the HMX-H205, which promises much clearer images even if it’s used in low light conditions due to its new imaging sensor.

The camcorder uses a new BSI CMOS sensor and has a lens capable of 20x optical zoom. Also the MHX-H205 allows you to shoot  H.264 videos in 1080i at 60 frames per second and playback your film on any screen that supports HDMI.

All of your video can be stored on its 32GB SSD and if you think this is not enough, the camcorder comes with an SDHC memory card slot that allows you to expand the storage memory. (more…)

Lomo LC-A+ Gold Camera Limited to 130 Pieces

Lomo LC-A+ Gold

The classic Lomo LC-A+ camera was produced for the first time in the Soviet Union in 1984 and it was popular because it was cheap, made of plastic. Now, its designers have announced the Lomo LC-A+ Gold which is smothered in 24-carat gold and it will be produced in only 130 pieces.

If the classic version was so cheap that almost anyone could afford to buy one, we can not say the same about the gold edition. The Lomo LC-A+ can be yours for about $600, which makes it a piece of luxury.

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Pentax OPTIO W90 Is One Sturdy Camera


Pentax has just unveiled its new OPTIO W90 camera, a rugged device that can take some serious punishment as well as crisp, quality photos.

The Pentax OPTIO W80 was an impressive camera that could pretty much withstand anything you threw at it, but its successor, the W90 puts it to shame. The new OPTIO W90 is a waterproof, shockproof, coldproof, dustproof and whatever-you-can-think-of-proof. You can use it underwater at depths of 20 feet, drop it from heights of up to 4 feet, and take photos at temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.


Samsung’s Brand New TL500 Could Be A Masterpiece

Samsung TL500

Samsung‘s brand new TL500 is a possible competitor of Canon Powershot S90 which was unveiled in October last year. The TL500 features a 1/1.7″ CCD sensor and a 24mm Schneider f/1.8 lens with 3x optical zoom that is capable of shooting RAW. This feature, which is typical to DSLR lenses, is perfect for those who prefer shooting in low-light conditions. The device has a 10MP camera with Dual Image Stabilization ( optical and digital), Samsung‘s Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie) and a 24mm Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens.  (more…)

Sony DSC-TX5 : Waterproof, Shock-proof, Freeze-proof

Sony DSC-TX5

If you’re looking for a camera that is capable of shooting high-quality stills in extreme conditions, then try the Sony DSC-TX5. The camera is waterproof so you’ll be able to go down under water to 10 feet, freeze-proof so it will still work at a temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit and shock-proof so it won’t get broken if dropped from 5 feet.


Canon to release the Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera

Canon Rebel T2i

If you are one of those who own the Rebel T1i/500D which was recently released by Canon, you will be surprised to hear that Canon announced the Rebel T2i.

While the Rebel T1i had a 15.1MP lens, the Rebel T2i features 18-megapixels and allows you to shoot up to 1080 30fps videos. It also has an ISO range of 100-6400 (expandable to 12,800), a 63-zone Dual Layer Metering System, and Canon’s DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor.

The Canon Rebel T2i is expected to go on sale in US in early March for $800.

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Fake iPod Spying Camera

Fake iPod Spy Cam

Don’t try to listen to music on this iPod because you will probably end up in a video or something. This a fake-iPod device which includes a spy cam, but I’m not pretty sure this is a practical spying thing. Even so, you can place the fake iPod anywhere you want thanks to the included 360-degree stand but you still need to find an explanation for your friends when they’ll ask why is an iPod mounted on the wall, so you better wear it around the neck.

The device features microSD/SDHC card slot and allows you to record videos at 640 x 480 pixels, at a rate of 25fps or to take pictures at 1600 x 1200 pixels. If you find this fake-iPod spying camera useful you can put your hands on it for $39.

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SonyEricsson Vivaz shoots HD videos with 8.1MP Camera

SonyEricsson Vivaz

The SonyEricsson Vivaz is a smartphone, also known as Kurara . The phone isn’t running on Android as you probably thought, but under Symbian S60 OS which I think is kinda old operating system for mobile phones. Then where is the piece of resistance? It’s the 8.1 MP camera, capable of shooting HD videos ( 720p ) and I’m sure you won’t see lots of mobile phones equipped with this. The camera also features image stabilization, geotagging, smile recognition and continuous autofocusing.

The SonyEricsson Vivaz will go on sale this quarter and the selling price will be between $670 and $750.

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Thanko Super Slim Video Spy Pen

Thanko Spy Pen

Looking for another spying gadget for your spy-equipment? Thanko announced the USB Spy Pen that has a built-in camera shooting HD videos ( 1280 x 960 at 30fps ) and JPEG stills at the same resolution.

The so-called Super SlimVideo  Pen 2 measures 14cm in lenght and weighs 30g. It offers support for microSD cards up to 16GB for about 12hours of video recording.


Easy Shot Clip camcorder

The Easy Shot Clip camcorder from Concord Keystone measures just 2 inches long and weighs only 18 g. It has a 640 x 480 VGA camera which records at 30fps up to 2 hours of video, due to the 2GB internal memory. It can be connected to PC via USB cable and supports the next platforms  : Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows XP or MaxOS .

The Easy Shot Clip Camcorder will be available in February 2010 for $70.

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Easy Shot Clip camcorder

Fleximus Spy Camera

The Fleximus Camera was created by designer Art Lebedev and it is perfect for those who whant to shot videos from different angles. The camera has a lens on one end, and at the other end you can choose between a simple compact view finder and a 3-inch display. The two ends are linked by a flexible cable which allows you to place the camera in every hard accessible corner.

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Fleximus Camera

Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit

Want to spend the holidays far from home but still afraid to leave your house because of the robbers? Then the Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit might solve the problem for you.

It features a DVR, 4 night-vision cameras for outdoor and indoor, a mouse and a remote. The coolest thing about this security kit is that if you have an iPhone, you can check live or saved footage from each camera at any time.

The security kit will record in H.264 format and the footage will be stored on a 500GB HDD,big enough to save hundreds of hours of footage.

The Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit will be available in January 2010 and it will sell for $699.

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Swann Security Kit

Car Cam Dually is the Eyewitness to All Accidents

People are getting every day involved in car accidents and even if they aren’t guilty,they get all the charges because there is no one to prove who is the real culprit.Now,the Car Cam Dually can be your eyewitness who can help you to get rid of wrong accusations.The device you see in the picture above has two cameras recording both outside and inside happenings.The Car Cam Dually has also a G-Force sensor and a GPS that will give accurate information about the force and the exact location of the impact in case of accident.The Car Cam Dually is available at the price of $385.

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Car Cam Dually

Nova Concept DSLR Camera

You thought gaming and photography have nothing in common,didn’t you?Then you’re wrong! Designer Erin Fong came up with the idea for this odd concept which combines a gamepad with a camera.As you can see in the pictures below,the camera is easy to handle and you can move it in different positions for better shots.

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NovaDSLR 1


Creative 3rd Gen Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

Creative has launched on the market its third generation Vado HD Pocket Video Cam.

It is now easier than ever to record with the Vado HD Pocket Video Cam.It features a new design and it is slim enough to keep it in your pocket . With its 4GB internal memory you can now record up to 120 minutes of high-quality videos in 1280 x 720 resolution or 7,000 high-quality stills. If something  just happened and you want to record the moment immediately, you don’t need to navigate through a menu to get to the video-recorder application : record instantly by pressing the “one-click recording button”. The Vado HD Pocket Video Cam also features high video quality under extreme lighting conditions , external stereo microphone support , headphone output , motion detection mode and others.

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Vado HD PocketCam

Pink Dottie Take-It Video Camcorder

These days,everyone has a camcorder.We use it at work,home,celebrations or in any other places that are worthy.But not everyone has a cute and stylish camcorder.So if you are planning to have one,the Pink Dottie Take-It Video Camcorder is just perfect.It features a color LCD,direct USB connector and a 32 mb built-in memory.This’s not much but if you want additional memory you will be needing an SD Card.You can also choose the Navo Take-It Video Camcorder that is more suitable for boys.

Pink Dottie Take-It Video Camcorder