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Sony To Be The Biggest Surprise of E3 2010 with PSP 2?

Sony PSP 2

The latest financial results are showing that Sony’s PSP sales are very low, considering that the sales number was about 14 million in 2008  and suffered a sudden drop to 9.9 million in 2009 and this regardless of the fact that Sony released the PSP Go last year.

So it is only a matter of time before Sony comes with a new plan. Rumors are saying that Sony could be saving the biggest surprise of this year’s E3 with the launch of a new console, the PSP 2. As for the next month’s E3, we already know a few big names who will take part to the event, such as Move, Natal and Nintendo with their 3DS.


Microsoft Confirms October Launch for Project Natal


That’s right gaming fans, a Microsoft representative has announced the ultimate gaming experience will arrive in October 2010.

During a television broadcast,  Syed Bilal Tariq, Microsoft’s marketing manager in Saudi Arabia, has confirmed Project Natal will be launched sometime in October. this was said before, by UK television presenter, Jonathan Ross, but I’m sure we can all agree Mr. Tariq is a much more reliable source.


JXD Launches New MINICOCO Gaming Console


Chinese company, JXD, has just announced it will soon be launching a new handheld MP4 console, known as the JXD200 MINICOCO.

Featuring a simplistic, yet slick design that hints to the Nintendo DS, JXD’s new console borrows the right side buttons, from Sony’s PSP. In the center you’ll notice a 2.8-inch QVGA display that supports 1280×720 high-definition video streaming. The JXD MINICOCO is an extremely versatile machine that supports formats like GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SMD, SMC, Bin and Flash (SWF), as well as MP4 videos, RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, FLV, MP4, 3GP, ASF and WMV. That’s a pretty impressive looking list,you have to agree.


Power Pyramid Supreme Is the Ultimate Controller Charging Device


Charging your controllers is a simple enough task, but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? With the Power Pyramid Supreme, from Konnet, now you can.

If you only have one console, either a PlayStation3 or an Xbox 360, storing and charging controllers isn’t too much of a hassle, but if you’re lucky enough to own both, you need something like the Konnet Power Pyramid Supreme. This awesome gadget acts as a charger and holder for your controllers, when you’re not busy mashing their buttons.


CrystilRoc Produces A Fully Crystalized Xbox 360 For Microsoft’s PR Campaign

CrystalRoc Xbox 360

We’ve seen before the diamond-encrusted Apple iPad which had a selling price of $20,000. Now, the guys from CrystalRoc received this task to create a fully crystallized XBOX for Microsoft’s PR campaign. The console is an amazing work of art, considering that more than 11,520 individual Swarovski crystals were used to cover it and it took over 70 hours to complete.

Nobody knows yet whether or not the crystallized Xbox will go on sale but if it does, do not hesitate to empty your pockets for this amazing piece of art.

Via CrystalRoc

Hori HP3-87 PS3 Dock for Gaming on the Go


As awesome as the Sony PSP is, it just can’t match up to the gaming experience offered by the PlayStation 3. But sadly, Sony’s gaming console isn’t portable, or is it…?

Japanese peripheral company,Hori, has developed a nice-looking dock for the PlayStation 3. The HP3-87 features a 720p display and stereo sound, and lets you enjoy your favorite video-games, even when you live home. This might not match up to the  HD television you have in your home, the 1366×768 resolution is more than satisfying for an 11.6 inch display.


PSP Mod Includes Extra Joystick, Camera, LEDs and More


Some guys from Acidmod and a few from Sony were thinking about a way to bring the PSP back in our hands.

So they created this new PSP mod which features an extra joystick, 32GB internal memory instead of UMDs, extra charging port, emulator and camera. But the most important feature is that you can now emulate any retro game console from NES, DS, Sega Genesis and N64, so you’ll be able to play your favorite games on this handheld console.

More photos of the new PSP mod and Video after the jump (more…)

Modder Makes Millennium Falcon Dreamcast


It’s amazing what a skilled pair of hands can do with an oversized Star-Wars toy and an outdated gaming console.

pezzapoo, a user from the BenHeck modding forums, showcased his Millenium Falcon Dreamcast, which is basically a Sega Dreamcast encased in what was originally a Star-Wars ship model. The outcome is really remarkable and pezzapoo deserves congratulations for his work.


PS3 Gives 70MB of RAM back to the Developers

Sony PS3

When the PS3 was first launched on the market, 120MB of its 512MB RAM were used only for OS applications and that means that less than 400MB of RAM were available for game developers.

While the Xbox 360 was using just 32MB for its operating system, the designers of PS3 have tried until now to bring some updates and improvements to the console in order to reduce the amount of RAM used by the OS. Now, they finally managed to reduce the number of MB used by the operating system to 50, which means that there is an additional amount of 70MB of RAM available for game developers to use at will.

Via playstationuniversity

Mobilic E7 Gaming MID Looks Delicious


Every time a new gaming device is announced, I get a tingly feeling that goes all the way from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. I just wish I knew more about the Mobilic E7.

Mobilic probably sounds pretty unfamiliar, and that’s only normal, since this is relatively new company, founded in February 2009. The Mobilic E7 gaming MID is their first product, and it does make quite a first impression. Although not much is known about it yet, its introduction at MWC 2010 caused quite a stir in the gadget world.

The 4 inch WVGA display of the E7 hides a QWERTY keyboard and an interesting set of NES-inspired controls that look pretty comfortable to handle. Mobilic’s gaming MID is powered by a 600 Mhz CPU, and features 256 RAM as well as 8 Gb of Flash memory.


JXD V3 Foldable MP4 Player – Gaming Console


The JXD V3 combines a gaming console and a MP4 player in a device featuring a 4.3-inch TFT LCD with a resolution of 480×272 pixels. As MP4 player, the JXD V3 is compatible with RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, FLV, 3GP, MP4, ASF, WMV video formats and MP3, WMA, WAV, AMR, AAC, FLAC and APE audio formats.

If you look just at the “gaming-console” part, it features 360-degrees rocker and supports  GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SMD, SMC, BIN, SWF game formats, including 8-32bit games. The device has a 8GB built-in memory and supports TF cards.

The JXD V3 also has a 5MP camera which support photo shot and video record at up to 640×480 30fps,DC and DV. Other features include calendar, time show and stopwatch, LRC show, FM radio.

The JXD V3 can be acquired through Ownta Store for $112 and is available in black, white, red, pink and blue colors .

Odroid – World’s First Handheld Android Gaming Console


That’s right, the popular Android mobile OS is also powering the Odroid, and interesting handhel gaming device made in Korea

Odroid is the world’s first multi-format handheld console based on the Android platform. That’s intriguing enough, but its got plenty of other features to make it interesting. First there’s the HDTV-out via a HDMI port that allows you to play games on a high-definition display, then there are the twin memory slots, for MicroSD and SD cards, the accelerometer, web browser and mp3 player capacity.

The Odroid features a 3.5 inch display and supports different format games like Nintendo. Priced at $199, Odroid is also available as a developer version that allows users to create their own games and apps. Check for more info on Odroid and check  it out in action, after the jump.


Microsoft Announces 250GB add-on HDD for Xbox 360

Xbox360 Add-on

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will come on the market with an add-on 250GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 starting with March. The drive will be offered as a stand-alone unit this time considering that it has been available since last year but with a new console.

The drive is intented not only to the internal storage capacity, but also to store downloaded content through Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace online store, which had 29 million users at the end of last year.


Jill Stuart Limited Edition PSP Coming in March


As the song goes, this is for the ladies. The Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package PSP is a result of a collaboration between Sony and the famous New-York based fashion brand, Jill Stuart.

Now I’m pretty sure no (straight) guy would want to be seen carrying one of these girly devices, but as we all know, any shade of pink is bound to catch a woman’s eye. The limited edition package comes with a pink PSP-3000, a 4 Gb PRO Duo Memory Stick, a classy display wiper and a champagne-gold purse for the handheld. The purse features a Hamekonda crystal chain.

The Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package PSP will be presented on March 6, at the Yokohama Arena.

More photos after the jump.


SEGA to Launch New Gaming Console, the SEGA Zone


You don’t need to pinch yourself, this one’s for real. SEGA announced they are working a retro console that will let you play those legendary title form the Genesis era.

The coolest thing about the upcoming SEGA Zone is that it will feature wireless, motion-sensing controllers, similar to those of the Nintendo Wii. According to SEGA’s announcement the Zone is due to ship this Summer and it will come with 20 pre-loaded  classic games the likes of Golden Axe, Alex Kid, Sonic and Knuckles or Ecco the Dolphin, as well 30 other titles, 16 of which motion-controlled.

The SEGA Zone console will retail for $80

via Pocket-Lint

Massage-Me Game Controller Makes Everyone Happy


The Massage-Me video-game controller allows you to play your favorite video-games while pleasing your significant other.

How many times did you get into trouble with your partner because you spent too much time gaming and too little caressing and cuddling? Too many times my friend, but thanks the the Massage-Me controller you can put all that behind you. The Massage-Me harness goes around the “massagee” and translates your button-mashing madness into a relaxing massage.

Basically, while you try to beat the game, you massage your better half just by pushing the required buttons. Right now the Massage-Me controller is only compatible with hacked PS3 controllers, but soon it will work with any other controller.

Producers say that beat’em-ups and other genres that require button-mashing provide the best massages.

More photos of the Massage-Me controller after the jump.


PS3 Finally Fully Hacked?


I know it sounds hard to believe, but George Hotz claims he actually managed to fully hack the Sony Playstation 3.

After 3 years, 11 months and 2 weeks of constant trying, someone has actually succeeded in hacking the PS3. Although it’s not yet official how he did it, George said it was a clever combination of hardware and software. It took him a total of 7 weeks to pull it off, but for obvious reasons George Hotz is not yet ready to reveal the exact way he did the master hacking.

There’s a lot of reversing to be done, but hopefully George’s success will lay the basis to a tool that will allow PS3 users to have more control over their machines.


Sony PS3 Supreme – Covered with Gold and Diamonds

The Goldstriker team, who created the Nintendo Wii Supreme , decided to ”crown” the PS3 too.

The PS3 Supreme will be smothered in 1600 grams of 22 carat solid gold and lots of 26 carat diamonds have been used to create the buttons.

Only three PS3 Supreme will be produced and they will sell for about $320.000 each.

Via PocketLint

Gold Plated PS3

Nintendo Wii Supreme – Smothered in Gold and Diamonds

You first had the gold plated PS3 and the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition,now here’s the big one : Ninetndo Wii Supreme, covered in 2.500 grams of 22kt gold and its front buttons made of 78 Flowless diamonds. Only three Nintendo Wii Supreme will be made and they will sell for about $483.000 each.

Via Pocket-lint

Nintendo Wii Supreme

PSP Digital Comics Available

PSP owners from US, UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand can NOW choose and download comics from Marvel Entertainment, Disney, iVerse Media, IDW Publishing and others. The comics can be downloaded on your PSP via Wi-fi or just transfer them from your PC.

The comics are available from 99 cents and include titles like Iron Man, Transformers, Spiderman.

Via Gizmodo

PSP Digital Comics