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Gold Plated PS3 Console

If you are looking for gaming experience with a touch of luxury and your wallet doesn’t feel the effects of financial crisis, then you should take into consideration the Gold Plated PS3. The console can be the main attraction of your home for “only” $4999.

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Gold Plated PS3

U.S AirForce orders up 2200 more PS3 consoles

In March last year,U.S. Air Force has bought 336 PS3s from Sony.The consoles were not dedicated for entertainment,but for their supercomputer research.The primary interest of the U.S. AirForce laboratory is the powerful Cell processor , needed for some kind of a program.What the program entails hasn’t been revealed to the public yet,but we know for sure that U.S AirForce has recently ordered another package of about 2200 PS3 consoles.They say about Sony that is the  “only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.”

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