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Sony VAIO J Series All-in-One Desktop Available for Pre-Order


Sony has recently announced the launch of a new all-in-one touchscreen desktop, the Sony VAIO J series.

The PC has a 21.5-inch Full HD VAIO Display Plus touchscreen that is using a intuitive fingertip technology and features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The VAIO J series is powered by an Intel Core i3-350M 2.26 GHz processor, backed up by 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM and an Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics chip.

The all-in-one desktop also comes with a 500GB HDD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, DVD burner, webcam and other. The Sony VAIO J series is now available for pre-order and it will be available to buy from the online store later this month for $900.

Corsair Unveils The New 600T PC Case At Computex 2010

Corsair 600T

For those who don’t know, a case is not important only because it’s stylish. A good quality case significantly improves the computer performance by using an advanced cooling system.

Corsair has unveiled at today’s Computex a new computer case, the Corsair 600T. The case is included in the Corsair Graphite Series and it was designed especially to maintain the temperature level as low as possible when the system is overclocked.

The Corsair 600T has enough space for up to six 2.5″ or 3.5″ HDDs and it also features four 5.25″ drive bays in the front of the case. The cooling system is built from a 200mm front intake fan, a 200mm exhaust fan and 120mm exhaust fan.

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Sony VAIO P Series Available for Pre-order

Sony VAIO P series 1

The new Sony VAIO P Series, which was unveiled last year at CES, will be available to buy starting with June 2010 and packs enough power to do the basic work in a satisfactory manner.

The VAIO P comes with a 8-inch LED backlit ultra-wide display that is perfect, for example, for viewing full web pages without having to scroll left or right. Also, turn it on its side and the viewing orientation will change from landscape mode to portrait mode. It features a resolution of 1600 x 768 pixels, which is pretty high for a 8″ display.

The PC comes with one-touch buttons for easy and fast access to web browser, screen resolution and other. There is a trackpad built directly into the LCD bezel and also a unique mobile nav grip that will help you surf the web without a mouse or keyboard.


Maingear VYBE Gaming Machine Now Available

Maingear VYBE

The Maingear VYBE is a limited edition gaminc PC which Maingear has put up for sale today. The machine comes equipped with AMD’s latest processor, the Phenom II X6.

What all the gamers should know is that the Maingear VYBE wants to offer high-end gaming performance. So you can choose between two models of the AMD Phenom II X6 processor; the AMD Athlon II X3 and X4 processors are also available.

You can choose up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, hard drive from 300GB to 2TB and solid state drives from 80GB to 160GB. The machine also features an integrated memory card reader and ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics at your choice.

The Maingear VYBE retails for $999 at Maingear

Lenovo C200 All-In-One Comes With Next Generation Ion Graphics

Lenovo C200 All-in-One

The Lenovo C200 all-in-one that has been presented at CeBIT not long ago is now official. Before we introduce you some specs, you should not confuse the C200 all-in-one with the old C200 laptop.

The C200 All-in-One has a 18.6-inch 16:9 display and, for the low end model which retails for $399, you will get a 1.6GHz Atom D410, 160GB hard disk space, integrated graphics from Intel and no touchscreen.

For some extra money, you will get a dual core Atom D510, touchscreen but, unfortunately, no multitouch, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and a 500GB HDD. The Lenovo C200 All-in-One will hit the shelves later this month with a starting price of $399, as we mentioned above.

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Acer’s 3D Capable Monitor Launched In Japan

Acer 3D Monitor

Acer‘s latest innovation is a 3D-capable LCD screen which was launched in Japan today. Known as Acer GD245HQbid, the monitor features a 23.6-inch display that has a 300cd/m2 brightness, 2ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 80,000:1 dynamic one.

The monitor offers you the chance to watch 3D movies or to play 3D video games without any kind of 3D glasses. The Acer GD245HQbid 3D monitor retails for 45,000 Yen which means somewhere around $486.

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iBUYPOWER Launches Extremely Overclockable Gaming Machines

Paladin XLC Series

The guys from iBUYPOWER really know how to make the entire gamers community to smile. The company announced today this new range of Paladin XLC gaming machines which includes four different nominees.

Each of these 4 models is equipped with the new Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor that seems to be extremely overclockable. The Paladin F950, F970 and XLC V3 all come with at least 12GB of DDR3 memory and at least 1TB of storage. The fully loaded F970 and XLC V3 are equipped with an 80GB SSD (solid state drive) and have been upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Louis XVI Desktop Computer Is Fit for a King


Produced by French company, Chirita, the Louis XVI computer blends perfectly with elegant offices and living rooms.

To celebrate their company’s 10th anniversary, the French designers from Chirita have created an exclusive desktop computer inspired by the opulent era of Louis the XVI. Chirita has made a name for its self, by creating unique high-tech devices, disguised as elegant pieces of furniture, crafted out of brass, bronze, alabaster, malachite and lapis lazuli.

Louis XVI is a majestic system cleverly disguised in the display itself and featuring an elegant keyboard and mouse. Decked with gold leaf and pearls, Chirita’s Louis the XVI retails at € 13,000 ($17,800). Not a high price to pay, for a trip back in time.

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Diamond Encrusted iPad for “Just” $20,000


Being top of the line. as far as technology is concerned, isn’t enough to guarantee succes in an increasingly crowded market, like that of the tablet PCs.

That’s why Mervis Diamond Importers is launching a diamond-encrusted version of Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad. The common version of the tablet isn’t even officially out yet, and we already have something even more special to look forward to. According to Mervis Diamond Importers, the world’s first diamond iPad “11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity.”


HP ENVY 15 Offers High Performance

HP ENVY 15 Core

The HP ENVY 15 is a very thin laptop, measuring just 1″ in thickness, but you will very surprised when you’ll take a look under its “hood”. The laptop is powered by an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, at your choice. It supports up to 16GB DDR3 and features a 320GB HDD and updated 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5830 graphics.

The 15.6″ HP ENVY comes with a USB 3.0 port and it also features Night Vision WebCamera, Wireless-N and pre-loaded Windows 7. (more…)

LG T280 – Ultralight and Low Energy Consumption Netbook

LG T280

LG unveiled their latest product, the LG T280 which is an ultra lightweight netbook. It comes with a 11.6-inch screen with a max resolution of 1366 x 768p and it features an Intel low energy consumption CULV processor, either Intel Pentium SU4100 dual core CPU at 1.3Ghz or SU7300 at 1.3Ghz, 2GB of RAM, 500GB HDD and integrated Intel GMA 4500MHD graphics.


Viliv S10 Blade Pricing Revealed, Availability : Soon

Viliv S10 Blade

Viliv unveiled its S10 Blade touchscreen netbook at CES 2010 but they didn’t tell us anything about pricing or availability. Now, Dynamism claims that the S10 will be available very soon with a starting price of $699 for the lowest configuration. The device comes with 3-point multitouch support but the feature won’t be available because of the Windows XP Home running on it, so you will have to install Windows 7 or spend more money for an OS upgrade.

The S10 Blade has a 10.1″ multitouch sensitive screenwith 1366 x 768 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 +EDR,  webcam, it boasts 10 hours of battery life and you can choose one of the following Intel Atom processors : 1.6 GHz Z530 or 2 GHz Z550.


DigitalRise X9 Tablet PC – An iPad Killer from China


With the launch of the Apple iPad and the upcoming release of the iSlate, tablet PCs are undoubtedly the gadgets of the moment. And Chinese company DigitalRise wants a piece of the pie.

DigitalRise X9 is a very promising tablet PC that, at least on paper, more than matches up to its far more popular competitors. It features a 10.2 inch multi-touch display, 3G, WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as GPS navigation technology.

DigitalRise’s taplet PC is powered by an Intel Atom 270 processor, it has a 945GS Chipset, 2 Gb of Ram and a 160 Gb HDD.  It’s important to say this configuration is superior to both that of the iPad and the iSlate.


MSI to Present Its First 24-inch 3D All-in-One PC Next Week

MSI 3D All-in-one PC

MSI Computer will unveil their first 24-inch 3D All-in-One PC at next week’s CeBIT 2010 in Germany, after another all-in-one device ( the AE2420 ) was introduced at this year CES.

Called the 3D AIO, it comes with a 24-inch 120Hz LED display with 1080p resolution and a pair of 3D shutter glasses. Besides that, there is no information about its specs but they ensure us that it will a be very powerful system.

The multitouch Core i3/i5/i7 AE2420 and AE2280 AIOs will also be presented at next week’s event. Even so, all eyes will be targeted at the 3D All-in-One PC.

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Mouse Computer – New i5/i7 Quadro FX Desktop PCs

Mouse Computer New Desktop PCs

The Japan company Mouse Computer released two new desktop PCs, the Lm-i7720B-WS and the Lm-i720X-WS. The first one is powered by an Intel i5-560 processor while the Lm-i720X-WS sports an Intel Core i7-860 processor. Both of them feature 4GB of RAM that can be upgraded to 8GB, 500GB HDD, 256MB nVidia Quadro FX380 graphic cards and run under Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. The Lm-i7720B-WS sells for $948 and the Lm-i720X-WS is available for $1,056.

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Gateway Launches New Gaming PC Desktops


Gateway has returned on the market today with a new gaming tower, the FX6831 series, with a new minimal and upscale case that offers a handy peripheral tray with USB and card slots.

The new desktop comes with a 2.8GHz Core i7 processor, a Radeon HD 5850 graphic card and 1.5TB HDD. The base model that features 8GB RAM goes on sale for $1.300 while a premium version with 16GB RAM is priced at $1.700 .

At the mid-range series, the DX4831, you will find under the hood processors from a 2.93GHz Core i3 dual-core to a quad-core 2.66GHz Core i5 and graphics from integrated Intel to a ATI Radeon HD 5750. The price for the base PC is $560.


HP Unveils Overpriced Mini 5102 Netbook

HP Mini 5102

The brand new Mini 5102 from HP has been unveiled, but with some “minor” changes about the pricing, being sold for $749 instead of $399( when it was announced) . It sports a 1.66GHz Atom N450 CPU, 2GB RAM, 160GB 7200RPM HDD, 10.1-inch display with 1024 x 600 resolution, 2MP webcam, Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth 2.1 .

One of the reasons for the high price of this model is that Windows XP Professional is available through Windows 7 downgrade rights, but it is still hope for a cheaper version, as HP promised some time ago.

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Maingear launches three New Overclocked F1X Systems

Maingear F1X Series

Maingear has just returned on the market with three new F1X overclocked systems which are giving high-end gaming experience. The F1X 750 is powered by an overclocked 3.6GHz Core i7-975 processor, two ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPUs in crossfire mode, 12GB DDR3 RAM memory at 1333MHz, 120 GB HDD from WesternDigital and a X20 Watercooling system.

The other two systems, the F1X 500 and the F1X 200 have almost the same configuration but with minor changes. The F1X series have been crated for those who are spending hours in front of their computer slaying monsters or Nazi forces from the latest video games which require high performance systems to run.

Here is the price of each system from F1X Series : the F1X 750 is $5.149 , F1X 500 is $3.099 , F1X 200 is $2.249

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Acer’s New Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator


Acer announced it will be launching a new improved version of its orange gaming rig, the Aspire G, code name “Predator”

Launched last year, the ASG7710-A41 gaming PC was one lean, mean gaming machine, but the new 20.7 kg-heavy ASG7750-A64 promises to make his predecessor forgotten. Apart from the cool-looking PC-case that turned from mostly orange to mostly black, changes include a more powerful Core i7-960 @3.20GHz processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 graphics-card.

The Acer Aspire G 7750-A64 Predator will come out in February, in Japan, at a price of 289,000 yen ($3,170)

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HP’s TouchSmart line-up has New “Members”

HP's New TouchSmart

HP‘s TouchSmart line-up contains now 3 new models with different screen sizes. The first one, the tm2, has a 12-inch multitouch screen and it is powered by a SU7300 1.3GHz ULV processor, 3GB DDR3 memory, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4550 graphic card and it sells for $950.

The second one, the dv6t, has a 15.6-inch screen and features a 2.4GHz Core i5-520M processor, 3GB DDR3 RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 320M graphic card and it will cost you $930.

The third new model from HP, the dv7t features the same system configuration as the other two but has a larger mutitouch screen of 17.3-inch and it will go on sale for $999.

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