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Sprint Unveils Motorola i1 Android Smartphone

Motorola i1

Sprint has unveiled their latest mobile phone which this time is using Google’s Android OS, the Motorola i1.

The smartphone features a 3.1 inch capacitive touchscreen HVGA display that was designed to keep the dust and dirt away. The 5 megapixel camera will capture both video and stills that can be stored on a microSDHC card.

Other features include integrated WiFi, Bluetooth and the phone is also rugged to military 810F standards which means that is should provide protection against shocks, water and dust.


The Remote-Controlled Robot Hand Can Open Doors At Disaster Sites

Remote Controlled Robot Hand

The Japanese robot manufacturer BL Autotec has created a remote-controlled robot hand which can open doors if connected to an emergency robot. The guys from Autotec are claiming that the robot hand can be operated in the most dangerous disasters such as nuclear, chemical and biological ones.

The robot hand features a CCD camera and a LED light so it can be operated in dark places via its remote. The robot-arm consists of four shafts which can raise the hand up to 1 meter. The robot hand can also move hazardous materials and can be used also for industrial purposes.


$2 million mini-robot : The Hummingbird

The hummingbird has been developed by a Japanese designer, Hiroshi Liu, and it can mimic the movements of a real bird. It has four wings powered by a small motor which can move them up to 30 times per second. It is 10 cm long and weighs just 2.6 g, coming closely to the dimensions of a real bird.

The robo-hummingbird cost $2 million but the price can increase by 2011 because Hiroshi Liu plans on adding a micro camera to the bird.

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R2D2 – From Star Wars to Your House

Everybody knows R2D2, the legendary robot from Star Wars series. You can have a motorized replica of the robot if you want to transform your house in a battle-cruiser. It responds to more than 40 voice commands and it a has an infrared sensor that helps to search people in a room or to activate the alarm if the sentry option is on when some one enters your house unexpectedly. R2D2 can also replay sounds and voices from Star Wars movies.You can find the robot at a price around $189,95.

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