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Lego Brick Earphones

Lego Brick Earphones

With the Lego Brick Earphones you will certainly attract the attention when going home from school in a crowded bus. This pair of earphones will fit perfectly with the LEGO-Style MP3 Player you can see in the picture above. They have a 3.5 mm audio plug which is suitable for most of the devices and they come in 5 colors : Blue , Green , Black , Pink and Red.

You can have a pair LEGO Brick Earphones for $10 via Gadget4all. You can also buy the LEGO-Style MP3 Player for $48.99 from Gizfever.


iRiver K1 Smart HD Player Supports Matroska


The Matroska format is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the number of ripped HD videos found on torrents, and iRiver decided to bank on this by releasing the K1 Smart HD media player, with native .mkv support.

The new 3.5 inch personal media player from iRiver supports a resolution of 480×320 pixels, as well as a number of other formats (AVI, WMV, MP4, TP, MPG, ASF). The K1 Smart HD offers 16 hours audio/8 hours video playback, but has only been released in Korea, so far.

The basic 8 gb model sells for $204, for added DMB mobile television tuner you have to pay $248, the 16 gb model is $266 and the complete package (WIFI, DMB, 16 gb hard-drive) costs $310.

More photos of the K1 Smart HD personal media player after the jump


EKS Otus RAW – highly configurable DJ tool

EKS unveiled their new product, a DJ controller which is highly configurable, called Otus RAW.The device is helping the DJ with a single or dual deck controller, featuring large velocity pads and buttons for easy use and two long and hefty SL-turntable pitch sliders.

The device will be available this spring but we don’t have any details about the pricing yet.


Samsung IceTouch MP3 Player Has Translucent Display

Samsung IceTouch MP3 Player

The IceTouch MP3 player was unveiled by Samsung at CES 2010 edition and, unusual for an MP3 player, it features a transparent 2 inch AMOLED display made of tempered glass. It also has 16GB of built-in memory, Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, 5.1 studio-quality sound and high quality video playback.

The IceTouch MP3 Player comes in white, grey, pink, purple and blue colors and it offers support for MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, M4A, WAV, MP3HD (audio files) and MPEG4, WMV, H.264, Xvid, DivX (video files).

I’m not saying that Samsung IceTouch MP3 player is a bad idea, but I still can’t figure out why it came up with a transparent display.

The Slimmest Walkman – Sony A485

The A845 Walkman is the slimmest Walkman ever, created by Sony and announced today. It features a S-Master Digital Amplifier which is offering high-quality sound, noise cancellation for clear sound, 2.8″ OLED display, 16 GB capacity, support for WMV, MP3, WMA and its battery lasts for about 30 hours on one charge.  The A845 Walkman can also be connected to a TV via an AV cable.

Sony A845 Walkman

Phillips Activa Keeps You in Tip-Top Shape


The Holidays have passed and you find you’ve put on some serious weight. You know you should already be hitting the gym, but you just don’t have the motivation. Here’s where Phillips Activa comes into play.

The new Activa personal music player from Phillips does more than just cater to your auditive needs, it’s more of a tiny, stylish gym partner. Thanks to the patented Direct Life activity monitor developed by Phillips, Activa really knows when you need a hand and shouts out word of encouragement to make sure you finish your training session.

The Activa also sports another cool feature called Tempo Music. What it does is browse your music library and pick an appropriate rhythm to correspond to your training. Also, when you’re done you can use it to calculate the calorie and fat burn rate, via the built in PC software.

The Phillips Activa will be available come April, at a price of $130.

Bionic Ear with Headphones lets you spy from distance

You first had the Fleximus Spy Camera, now here’s another spying gadget.

The Bionic Ear with Headphones helps you to listen to someone talking from 100 meters away from you or to hear faint sounds from 20-30 meters away. Then you can record up to 12 seconds of what you hear. The device also features a monocular with 8x magnification.

The Bionic Ear can be used for other purposes as well and you can achieve it through Chinavasion for $39.

Via CoolestGadgets

Bionic Ear with Headphones

Portable USB Speaker with 5MP Camera included

With the Portable USB Speaker you can now play music from a variety of devices which support 3.5mm audio plug or USB connectivity like flash drives or external HDD.

The portable USB speaker is compatible with MP3/MP4/PSP/NDS/IPOD/IPHONE/MEIZU M8  and others. It also features a 5 MP webcam and microphone and  it is powerd by an external Lithium battery. The device doesn’t require any software driver to run under Windows Vista and XP.

You can have it for $53.99 from

Via GeekAlerts

Portable USB Speaker

Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker from JVC

JVSC announced that Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker is now available also in the US.This iPod dock has an unique design and it features two 2.5W speakers that offer high quality audio playback, digital and analog external input and you have full control of it via a remote.

The JVC’s Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker comes both black and white and you can get it for $149.95

Via Akihabara

JVC Stylish iPod Cradle Speaker

Bluetooth Music Receiver

The Bluetooth Music Receiver from Belkin can be plugged into a stereo device and then you can connect it to any Bluetooth 2.0 music streaming device, most likely your iPhone or iPod touch. The Music Receiver allows you to stream the songs you want wirelessly from up to 33 ft away.You can have the device for $49.99.

Via Belkin

Bluetooth Music Receiver

BoomTune Bomb II Stereo – Portable MP3 Speakers

The BoomTune Bomb II is a pair of stereo speakers which can be connected to your phone, MP3 player or other stereo device via a 3.5mm plug. The speakers also feature a retractable cable and a magnetic base, so they stick together when not in use. The internal battery is rechargeable via USB.The BoomTune Bomb II portable speakers are available for $50 and you can choose from red and black.

Via Redferret

BoomTune Bomb II Stero Speakers