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Lenovo L2461x Full HD Monitor With Multitouch Capabilities

Lenovo L2461x Wide Full HD Multitouch Monitor

Lenovo has recently unveiled three new 1080p monitors the L2261 Wide 21.5-inch LCD, the L2361p Wide 23-inch LCD and, the main attraction, the L2461x Wide.

The L2461x Wide is a 23.6-inch display and is the only one to include multitouch capabilities. The monitor features 4 USB ports, 2 MP camera, speakers, microphone and MEMC (Motion Estimation,Motion Compensation).

The L2261 has a resolution of 1920×1080p in a sub-22 inch panel, VGA and DVI inputs but no HDMI.

The L2361 features HDMI input and a TV-like stand. It also has integrated speakers and microphone, USB 2.0 ports and a 0.3MP camera included.


ExoPC Slate Tablet looks like the iPad

ExoPC Slate Tablet

After we took part at the big event where Apple presented their latest innovation, the iPad, lots of tablets have already been announced for the near future.

The ExoPC Slate is a 8.9-inch tablet that is similar to the iPad on the exterior, but it sports something different under the hood : it’s powered by an Atom N270 processor at 1.6GHz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, a 32GB SSD with SD expansion and runs under Windows 7. The tablet allows you to do things that Apple‘s iPad can’t do, like multitasking.


3M’s 22-inch LCD Touchscreen Uses Advanced Capacitive Technology

3M's Multi-Touch Screen

3M has created this 22-inch LCD multi-touch screen which is using the capacitive technology, making it ideal for those who are looking for a LCD touch-screen that offers very fast response time. What could make it a revolutionary touch-screen is the advanced touch-interaction technology which allows users to work with all their ten fingers at once, and not only two as you’ve seen at other touch screens.

The 3M display has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 and it is compatible with Windows 7. Nobody knows the release date but the price will be somewhere around $1500.

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Garmin Zumo 220 – A Satnav for Bikers


Believe it or not, bikers can get lost too, so Garmin decided to jump to their aid by releasing a navigation device especially for them.

The Garmin Zumo 220 features a 3.5 inch color touchscreen able to display images in 320×240 format. It has built-in Bluetooth that allows text to speech guidance to be sent over to a headset. A lane assist system and off-road navigation will be added as extras.

Garmin Zumo 220 will launch with preloaded maps of the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, as well as six million points of interest. And if you thought there was nothing to set the Zumo 220 apart from ordinary navigation systems, you should know it’s a lot more rugged than other devices, it’s water, fuel and spray resistant and features a touchscreen that can be operated with gloves.

No word about the release date, but the price has been set at $600.


Light Touch Projectror Makes Everything Touchscreen


Using proprietary holographic projection technology, UK-based Light Blue Optics designed a projector that turns any flat surface into a touchscreen device.

The Light Touch projects a 10-inch-wide display on to the surface and, thanks to the integrated infra-red touch sensing system, makes it interactive. Even cooler is that it comes with built in WI-FI and Bluetooth technologies that allow users to connect to the internet and update their social network profiles pretty much anywhere.

Light Touch features 2 gb of Flash memory and a microSD card slot, for an extra 32 gb of memory. The battery will keep the projector running for as long as two hours before it needs recharging. It was showcased today, during CES 2010, but there’s no word yet on price and release date.

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