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Hitachi Announced 42-inch HDTV With Built-In 320GB HDD

Hitachi L42-XP05

Hitachi’s latest product is a 42-inch LED HDTV and features a full HD resolution of 1.920 × 1.080 pixels.

Called the L42-XP05, the TV uses image recognition processing and the “Picture Master FULL HD2″ technology in order to adjust the brightness correctly for every scene and power consumption.

Also, the device comes with a built-in 320GB hard disk for recordings and it features an iVDR-S slot which will allow you to record to external media. An interesting feature is that you’ll be able to watch any channel you want while recording other two different channels at the same time.


DuPont Produces OLED Panels In Less Than 2 Minutes

OLED TV Display

It seems that for DuPont creating small OLED display for mobile phones isn’t the right challenge so they decided to start developing larger OLED panels for HDTV’s.

The interesting part of it is that they managed somehow to create a 50-inch OLED panel in less than 2 minutes. How is that possible? Well, the guys over at DuPont have used in the production process a special Dainippon printer and their own third-generation OLED inks. Creating large-scale OLED panels is also very expensive but, using this technology, DuPont not only reduce the production costs, but they also increase the lifetime to 15 years if the OLED panels are used for about 8 hours a day. This kind of panels are also low in power consumption and their production process doesn’t require so many components.


NEC S521 LCD With 52-inch HD Display


NEC’s S series professional LCD displays has now a new member, the S521, joining the existing 40-inch S401, 46-inch S461 and 70-inch S701.

The S521 is a 52″ full High-Definition LCD monitor which has been designed for environments with extended operation times such as airports and other public areas, and also for applications including corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and video conferencing systems.

List of features for the S521 after the jump


Samsung’s 3D LED 9000 Series Arrives Next Month


Many of us have been crossing our fingers that Samsung launch its new line of 3D LED TVs, as soon as possible, and they’re finally here.

That’s right folks, the new Samsung 3D LED 9000 is scheduled to his the stores sometime next month. This electronic masterpiece was announced a while back, and the specs were indeed impressive. The 9000 Series LED TV comes with a built-in 3D processor, WI-FI, 240 Hz refresh rate, USB 2.0, DLNA, Samsung applications, and a whole lot of other features.

The most impressive thing about Samsung 9000 series 3D LED TV, without having seen it in action, is its slim design, but that’s not nearly enough to justify the $8,970 price tag. I tell you, this thing better sweep me up my feet, if I’m going to dig that far down my pockets.

Check some more photos of the Samsung 9000 LED TV, after the jump.


BenQ GL LCD Monitors Have An Impressive 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

BenQ GL series

BenQ’s GL series include 5 new LCD monitors, the Benq  18.5-inch GL930, the 19-inch GL931, the 20-inch GL2030, the 21.5-inch GL2230 and the 22-inch GL2231.

According to BenQ, the GL monitors come with an impressive 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which seems to be the highest on the market. Also, the dynamic contrast ratio ads color depth and definition to darkened and complex visuals.

The new GL monitors also feature 5ms response time, LED backlighting, varying amounts of ports and a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels for the 20-inch model which is also the first to enter the market later this month, while the others are expected to go on sale by July.

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VLogic To Launch The World’s First 3D OLED TV


Until now, the only OLED HDTV on the market was the LG 15EL9500 which retails for $.1999. The guys from VLogic are claiming that they’re currently working on a 15″ OLED  TV, the TDM-150W.

The TDM-150W will be the first 3D OLED TV. Even if the LG’s OLED display doesn’t have 3D capabilities, the TDM-150W and LG15EL9500 are using the same panel, which means that they are both capable of displaying a WXGA 1366 x 768 resolution with a 100000:1 contrast ratio.

There is no information on when the TDM-150W will hit the shelves or about pricing yet.

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New Motorola TV Set-Tops Let You Watch Cable in 3D


The title sounds so good, but as you might have figured out, these set-top boxes can’t turn 2D signal into 3D, but simply switch between signals, automatically.

The tech giant announced their new industry-leading DCX TV set-tops will receive some enhancements that will allow them to detect 3D signals and automatically switch from 2D to 3D. basically, the new software implemented by Motorola, will save you the hassle of having to manually switch from 2D to 3D, whenever a channel changes the signal.


World’s First Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD Created By Sharp

Sharp 3D LCD

Someone must always be the one who brings something for the first time in front of us.  This time, Sharp is the one that came with a new innovation by announcing the worlds first four-primary-color 3D LCD.

This 3D LCD features the industry’s highest brightness with extremely low crosstalk for ghost images and, by wearing special 3D glasses, you will be able to see impressive 3D images with a very high realistic sense of depth. Its platform has a system where the images that are intended for the left and the right eye are displayed on the LCD screen sequentially. The 3D glasses have LC shutters which are synchronizing  with the display, “opening” (becoming transparent) and “closing” (becoming opaque) so that your left and right eye see separate images. (more…)

LG EL9500 OLED TV Now Available In The UK

LG EL95000

The LG EL9500 OLED TV is now available in the United Kingdom being listed on Amazon, after it was already on sale in Korea.

The TV features a 15-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 1366x768p, 100,000:1 contrast and its response time is somewhere under 0.01 ms. It measures only 1.7mm in thickness  The LG EL9500 OLED TV can be acquired from Amazon for £1,970 which means $2,968.

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The Google TV Runs Google’s Android OS

Google TV Set

Google has recently teamed up with Sony and Intel in order to develop the Google TV, which will not be a regular TV as you probably thought, it will be a TV with a built-in computer running Google’s Android OS.

Also, Google will give developers the tools to create applications to run on Google TV as with the iPhone and mobile phone platforms that are using Google’s Android. So if this works and the Google TV enters our homes, it will be a great step for Google into TV advertising.

Stuart Hughes Designs the World’s Most Expensive TVs


Stuart Hughes is a specialist when it comes to creating the most expensive things on Earth. After the world’s most expensive iPhone, the British designer strikes again, with the most expensive TV sets in the world.

Designed by Hughes, powered by Metz and manufactured by PrestigeHD they literally carry pounds of precious stones, gold and alligator skin. The world’s most expensive television, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition, costs 1.5 million pounds ($2,250,000), and is decorated with 28 kilograms of solid 18 carat rose gold, 72 brilliant round cut 1 carat flawless diamonds, Sunstone and Amethyst. The outer frame of the television is hand-sewn with alligator skin.


LG to Launch Worlds Largest OLED TV


LG will launch the worlds largest OLED TV in May, the LG 15EL9500. The 15″ TV features a 10.000.000:1 contrast ratio, 1366×768p HD resolution, LG’s TruMotion 100Hz technology, a response time from 0,001ms and super fast image reproduction rate.

Apart from the above mentioned features and characteristics, it also has a USB 2.0 port and it is capable of playing back formats such as HD DivX, MP3 and JPG.

The LG 15EL9500 will first be available in Austria with a spicy price of $.1999 .

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Sony Ends the Production of OLED TV in Japan


Sony has officially announced that they stopped the production of OLED TVs in Japan, but the sales will continue until the existing inventory runs out. Also, the sales for North America, Europe and overseas market continue. One of the reasons that Sony made this decision is that the only model available, the 11-inch XEL-1, always had very good competitors such as cheaper and larger LCD and plasma sets.

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NEC to Launch Giant 70-inch Display in March

NEC 70-inch Display

NEC is ready to return on the market in March with a brand new 70-inch display, the P701. The huge display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a contrast ratio of 2000:1, a maximum brightness of 600 cd/m2 and it was designed to work continuously. It also feature internal temperature sensors and thermal protection in order to prevent overheating problems and the sealed design will keep the dust or steam outside. The 70-inch display will go on sale in March for $11,799.

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Sony Bravia HDTV with Blu-Ray Player Included

Sony HDTV Bravia

Sony came with this interesting idea of a HDTV with a built-in Blu-ray player. There are two models available : the 32-inch  KDL-32EX40B and the 40-inch KDL-40EX40B. Being a Bravia TV will certainly offer things like internet widgets, DLNA, Wi-Fi, USB dongle, USB media-player and others. It’s uncertain if it will be available in USA too, but it will hit the shelves in Europe for sure.

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Mitsubishi’s Giant OLED TV


Mitsubishi first showcased their OLED displays at CETEC Japan 2009. Now they’re back with an even more impressive OLED screen.

Unlike their first effort, made up of 10x10cm square units, the new Mitsubishi OLED screen has a diagonal of 149 cm, or 6.2 meters, larger than any other OLED display on the market. It has no edges, so it can be easily be combined with other OLED devices, to produce giant screens of virtually any size and shape.


Toshiba REGZA TVs to Have Built-in Blu-Ray Players


The technology may not be groundbreaking, but these are the first Blu-Ray disk TVs to be released by Toshiba.

The REGZA 32R1BDP (32-inch screen) and REGZA 26R1BDP (25-inch screen) only allow the watching of Blu-Ray disks, but sadly no recording. Now that would have been really helpful, but I guess you can’t have everything you wish for.

Both REGZA TVs feature WXGA resolution (1,366×768), digital and analogue TV tuners, an HDMI interface, LAN connectivity, and two USB ports. Toshiba will release its Blu-Ray playing video devices in Japan, next month. The 32-inch one will sell for $1,400 while the smaller TV will cost $1,200.

Sadly no word yet on international availability…yet.

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