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Google-Owned Nest Devices Are Now Compatible With Third-Party Home Automation Products

Nest Protect


The Google-owned Nest company that manufactures home automatic products has recently launched a series that integrates in great harmony with third-party automatic systems in your homes. That means your products won’t work independently anymore but communicate with each other and work all together.


Kenneth Cole Touch Screen Watch Collection

Kenneth Cole Watch

The first touch screen watch for the fashion market has been created by Kenneth Cole and comes with some interesting features. It has electro luminescent back light, chronograph technology, a 32 city world time function, stainless steel construction and water resistance.

Kenneth Cole and department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s are selling the watches that come in three different styles with prices from $125 to $175.

Another cool idea from Kenneth Cole is their ad campaign called ” A Defining Moment in Time ” and where smartphone users who take a picture of a bar code will view a video that is automatically uploaded on their handsets.

Millenniata’s New Disc Publishers Keep Your Data for 1,000 Years


Millenniata’s new Bravo Archive-Series disc publishers deliver “the world’s first truly permanent data archival solution.

The Primera Bravo SE and Primera BravoPro Xi2 feature Millenniata’s proprietary M-WRITER technology that uses high laser power to carve deep grooves in optical discs, grooves that are not affected by natural elements. Ordinary DVD technology uses organic dyes and low laser power to burn marks into the data layer, and over time these marks become unreadable, because the dye degrades in light, heat and humidity.

But Millenniata M-Discs, once written, can preserve data for an estimated 1,000 years or longer. The Primera Bravo SE comes with one M-Writer drive, and retails at $2,995, while the BravoPro Xi2 features 2 drives, and retails at $5,295.

The Remote-Controlled Robot Hand Can Open Doors At Disaster Sites

Remote Controlled Robot Hand

The Japanese robot manufacturer BL Autotec has created a remote-controlled robot hand which can open doors if connected to an emergency robot. The guys from Autotec are claiming that the robot hand can be operated in the most dangerous disasters such as nuclear, chemical and biological ones.

The robot hand features a CCD camera and a LED light so it can be operated in dark places via its remote. The robot-arm consists of four shafts which can raise the hand up to 1 meter. The robot hand can also move hazardous materials and can be used also for industrial purposes.


The Plant Mate Keeps An Eye Over Your Garden

Plant Mate 1

The Solar Power Spikes were designed for any type of garden and are useful for gardeners who want to collect information about the moisture and nutrient levels of the soil.

Also known as the “Plant Mate”, the device must be placed into the ground and you won’t need to worry about the energy source from which it is powered because the Solar Power Spike feeds with solar power.

The Plant Mate also gives you information about the temperature the plants are receiving and solar exposure. The information it collects will be displayed on your phone or computer. Check some pictures about how the Plant Mate works after the jump.


Microsoft Hardware Brings Three New BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft has unveiled three new mice that are based on the BlueTrack Technology. This technology makes any mouse to work on virtually any surface which is very practical considering the fact that there are people working in airports, buses or any other place where there isn’t a suitable surface for mice. These three new peripherals are the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, the Wireless Mouse 2000 and the Comfort Mouse 4500.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 has a normal size and comes with a Nano transceiver that keeps it plugged in all the time.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 2000, which is smaller in size, has a minitransceiver that can be snapped onto the mouse’s bottom when not in use. Both Mouse 2000 and Mouse 3500 have ambidextrous design with rubber side grips.


New Lithium-Ion Batteries Have a Lifespan of 20 Years and Survive 10.000 Charge Cycles

Eamex Lithium-Ion Battery

Eamex, a Japanese company, claims that they figured out a way to significantly increase the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries used for hybrids or electrical vehicles. They say the new battery can be recharged for about 10.000 times with a lifespan of 20 years and this is much better than what we had until now.

Continue reading to find out what process was used


Fujifilm and IBM Invent the Mother of All Magnetic Tapes


Fujifilm and IBM announced their collaborative effort lead to the creation of a magnetic tape able to store 35 TB.

A single roll of magnetic tape is 800 meters long by 0ne-half-inch wide and has a density of 29.5 billion bits per square inch. The two companies stated their magic tape is able to store 35 million books, the equivalent of 248 miles (399 km) of bookshelves. If 35 TB of data doesn’t sound that impressive, you should know it’s 44 times as much as previously possible.

The magnetic tape created by Fujifilm and IBM is based on a barium ferrite material able to reduce the number of particles and still maintain a high magnetism. The two tech giants announced they will be commercializing their wonder product in the near future, and it will be particularly aimed at data centers.


Green Noise – Transforms Noise Into Electricity

Green Noise

We all had headaches because of the deafening sounds from highways or airport runways. Designer Hung-Uei Jou came with the idea of transforming this noise intro electricity for the runways and highways lights.

So he created the Green Noise, a device that captures these massive sound waves and converts them into electricity. It features a conical speaker-form placed on a tripod base who easily absorbs sound and prevents rainwater from collecting on the bottom. It also has a screen which gives the personnel the information required.


VW Breathe – 2038 Concept

By the year of 2038, we will drive this VW Breathe on the roads of a metropolis, at least that’s what designer Chansong Park says. The goal of the VW Breathe is very simple : quick light delivery service, human transporting and personal commuter.

The vehicle can be operated only via GPS and has two modes: public transportation or cargo delivery. Because of its advanced technology and material design, the VW Breathe can change its body shape and proportions.

Via YankoDesign

VW Breathe Concept

DVD Projector – Transform Your Home Into a Theater

The DVD projector is great for home movie session, kids entertainment and it will transform your house into a mini movie theater, if you have a flat wall for a 50″ quality image,of course. The DVD projector features an integrated DVD player, stereo speakers for great sound effects and it uses an advanced LED technology in order to keep the power consumption low.

HomeDVD Projector

Via Gizmowatch

Mini Turntable Makes You Feel Like a DJ

Have you ever dreamed that you were a DJ? Now your dream can be real thanks to Yanko Design who came with the idea of a mini turntable. Even if it is so small, you can have full control over a track by using the surrounding buttons. It is sensitive to touch and pressure and you need to use your fingers to operate it. The device has buttons for beat and pitch, volume, cue point, switching tracks and others, and it also has outputs for headphones and USB.

Via YankoDesign

MiniTurntable 1


Medicine Management System – Concept for Elderly People

Sometimes, we all have to take medication but there is always something that makes us forget about our pills. The Medicine Management System was created for elderly people but i think it could be useful for everyone. The electronic pill boxes can prompt you by voice or vibration when you should take your pills. You can also find information about the medicine using the touch screen from the personal medicine system or by scanning the bar code on the medicine packaging.

Via YankoDesign


Firefighting ATV Concept – Designed to Fight Fire in Hell

I don’t know why but I am sure when you see this car you think it is remote-guided vehicle. In fact, it is a fire fighter ATV concept which can transport a two person-crew. The ATV can easily get to hotspots without putting the crew in danger due to the aerogel laminated insulation for its windows,  a temperature-controlled system which will use water from an additional water tank in order to cool down the temperature of the car and also the ceramic paint that slows down the heating. The concept has two remote-controlled water cannons that would access the vehicle’s 450 gallons water supply. The wheels and the tires are very big and it is used an advanced technology that would ensure the fire fighter will not get stuck in dangerous locations.

This concept was designed by Liam Ferguson and,if built,it will save many lives.

via Popsci

ATV FireFighter Concept 1


The Second Robotic Muscle Suit – Tokyo’s University of Science

Some years ago,students at Tokyo’s University of Science have built the first robotic muscle suit which has been on the market for several years. The suit was offering support for hands and back but it was heavy.Now,the second robotic muscle suit is being developed at Tokyo’s University.This suit will provide assistance only to the back, it will be lighter than the previous and the wearer will be able to carry an additional 15 to 20 kg. The students from Tokyo’s University said that the suit is designed to help people with physical limitations and factory workers with physically demanding jobs.

Robotic Muscle Suit 1


Workers in Overalls -or- HiBot Exliner ?

Tokyo company HiBot is now working at a robot that will be able to do inspection on high-voltage wires,so that human workers won’t be at risk anymore.The HiBot Exliner will also make the inspection process more efficient due to the fact that electrical infrastructures from many countries have old and broken components.

The robot can work on four high-voltage wires at the same time,while the first robot,the LineScout that is now in trials in Canada,can do the job on one line at a time.Also,both Exliner and LineScout can work even if the lines are left active.

HiBot Exliner 1