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Zotac Launches Stylish ZBOX Media Box


If you’re searching for a nice looking media box for your living room, look no further than the new ZBOX HD-ID11, from Zotac.

This particular example of design exellance isn’t the most impressive media box on the market, but its specs are good enough to satisfy the average tech junkie. The Zotac ZBOX HD-ID11 features a dual-core Atom D510 with Ion 2 and 1 Gb of RAM, WIFI, VGA and HDMI. It also sports 6 USB ports, optical S/PDIF, eSATA and a card reader.  It won’t blow your mind but it can definitely render 1080p videos.


Fully Submersible Speakers Showcased at HKEF 2010


Among of the most interesting products presented at the 2010 edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, the submersible speakers could be your bath tub buddies.

We’ve seen floating speakers before, but fully submersible ones are a lot more impressive. Using an iPod dock, you can connect to up to 10 speakers, via Bluetooth or radio frequencies. There’s also a solar model of these submersible speakers, powered by a photovoltaic cell. The sun’s energy powers an LCD screen that displays various info, like water temperature, time, quality of transmission, and of course, the playing track.

The Arkon waterproof speakers will be available at a price of $150, and over. See the speakers in action, as well as some more pics, after the jump.


Nintendo Launches Wii Classic Controller Pro


In case you weren’t satisfied with the original Wii Classic Contrtoller, Nintendo just launched an enhanced version,called the Classic Controller Pro.

The “Pro” in the title means a second row of shoulder buttons, and a more ergonomical shape that Nintendo says will enhance gaming experience. The Wii Classic Controller Pro plugs directly into the Wiimote, thus connecting wirelessly to the console.


Joos Orange Solar Charger Keeps You Gadgets Alive


Joos Orange claims to be the most powerful solar charger available on the market, offering 20 times more power than other similar products. With the optional reflection kit, it offers 30 times more energy

Using a smart micro-processor controlled energy management system, connected to some Ninja mono-crystalline Silicon Nitride anti-reflective coated solar cells, Joos Orange is able to store 4 times the power needed to charge your smartphone. A great thing about this solar device is that it’s able to store energy even in low-light environments (including in rain and underwater).


Lightsleeper – A Technological Sleeping Solution

Are you having trouble sleeping without taking a fistful of pills? Thanks to the simple but effective Lightsleeper you can now enjoy a relaxing, drug-free night’s rest.

It might look like a high-tech gadget, but Lightsleeper is a lot simpler than it appears to be. All it does is project relaxing light on the ceiling. As you follow the light slowly moving in a circle you fall into a deep sleep.

Sounds a little like hypnosis doesn’t it? I wonder if you bark like a dog when you wake up…

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