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Light Bulb USB Flash Drive from Green House

Green House Light Bulb USB Flash Drive

You first had the Cork USB Flash Drive from Green House. Now, the same folks have created a USB flash drive in the shape of a light bulb. It comes with 2GB storage capacity and is available in 3 light colors : Green, Orange and Blue and it blinks when writing or reading. The flash drive works under Windows 7, Vista, Xp and Mac OS X and can reach a maximum transfer rate speed of 480 Mbps.

The Light Bulb USB Flash Drive is available at Geekstuff4u for ¥4,850 (  $52,75 ).

Dust Vacuum Mouse Keeps Your Desk Clean


Play video games or clean your desk, what will it be? Now, thanks to the USB Dust Vacuum Mouse, you can do both at the same time.

A simple 800 dpi optical mouse, with a cleverly built-in miniature vacuum cleaner, the Dust Vacuum Mouse won’t blow your mind when it comes to performance, but it’s perfect for cleanliness freaks who can’t stand dust on their desks.

The 100 grams-heavy USB mouse features a dust-bin at its back end, but it’s very small and you have to empty it pretty often, unless you want it to burst in your face. It’s not the world’s greatest gaming mouse, but I think it’s worth $12.69.


Green-House Cork USB Flash Drive for Wine Lovers

Green-House Cork USB Drive 2

The Green-House Cork USB flash drive is great for wine lovers and wineries owners. It is a 2GB USB 2.0 flash drive that looks just like a cork from an old bottle of wine. So if you find this as a perfect gift for your grandpa, then go here to order one.


Western Digital MyBook USB 3.0

The MyBook 3.0 is an external drive from Western Digital which works up to 10 times faster  ( 5GB/s speed ) than the previous USB 2.0. It is available with two types of drives :  1TB of storage capacity with an optional kit of a USB 3.0 card and the 2TB capacity. The 1TB drive and the optional kit are available for $200, which is not so expensive. The 2TB drive’s price hasn’t been made public yet. The MyBook 3.0 is also compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

Via Gizmodo

MyBook USB 3.0

First USB 3.0 Flash Drive from PQI

The first USB 3.0 flash drive from PQI, Cool Drive U366, features a maximum bandwidth of 5GBps which is ten times faster than the bandwidth from a USB 2.0 flash drive. It also has a reading speed of 97MBps and it comes in an aluminum shell and a plastic lid. The Cool Drive U366 USB 3.0 is available in 16 Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb of storage capacities.

PQI's USB 3.0 Flash Drive

24-Port USB Hub

The USB hub features 24 USB ports which can be used to connect up to 24 USB drives at the same time. The device also has an AC adapter and can be achieved for $69.99  at Usbfever.

24Port USB Hub

Bullet USB Drive

This USB drive is shaped like a war machine gun bullet and it comes with 2GB of storage capacity. It is shockproof, dampproof, antimagnetic, resistant to cold and heat and features high-speed data transmission.

The Bullet USB Drive is available in two colors, silver and gold, and it goes on sale for $19.99 on China Grabber.

Bullet USB Drive

”Lockface” USB drive with Facial-Recognition

The Lockface USB flash drive has been created by Futen, a Japanese company, and features something new and different than other USB drives. It takes several pictures of the user’s face in order to verify if it’s the same user who logs in.

The facial recognition is useful for someone who possesses valuable information or for someone who wants to keep his personal things at safe. The Lockface USB has a 98% correct recognition, but if you don’t like this facial-recognition thing you can also use a passcode for it.

For the moment, you can find it just on the Japanese market for $110.

Via Gizmowatch

Lockface USB flash drive

Fur-Covered USB drive

Magnhild Disington, a Danish textile designer, said that USB sticks are things that we carry with us most of the time and she decides to cover them with fur because they are ” neutral in appearance and lack emotional appeal”. So she uses pieces of leftover fur, providing ”unique character and sensory experience which create emotional value” .

Via Core77

Fur-Covered USB

Surgeon USB Flash Drive

No, this is not a LEGO character. This is a USB flash drive that looks like a surgeon. I can’t say if it’s appropriate for medical enthusiasts or for those who hate doctors because you need to decapitate it before stick it in a USB slot. The Surgeon USB flash drive features durable plastic casing, no driver required for most OS, 4 GB storage capacity and support for Windows 7, Vista , XP, 2000 and Mac OS.Its dimension are 83 x 38 x 15mm and weighs 18g. The Surgeon USB flash drive is available for $22, and since the holidays are coming, this can be the perfect gift for a medical worker.

Via UsbGeek

Surgeon USB Flash Drive

Active Media Products : Pink Wink USB Drive

Active Media Products created the pink version of their 16GB Wink USB flash drive. You can have it for $39 but you’ll have to keep an eye on it because of its reduced dimensions (1.2 x 0.5 x 0.1 inches). The USB drive has a waterproof, durable polymer case and there is also a wink embossed on the front side of it. Smaller capacity versions will be available next month.

Via Ubergizmo

Pink Wink USB Flash Drive

ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard – USB 3.0 Support

I know it’s hard for you to plug in an USB 3.0 device because these days, most of the platforms are using the 2.0 version.But thanks to ASUS’ brand new P6X58D Premium Motherboard,the bad dream can now end.The motherboard features support for Core i7 processor, three PCI-Express 2.0 slots,support for a maximum number of 24 GB of RAM memory,4 slots for USB 2.0 and,the most exciting part, 2 slots for USB 3.0.It is available somewhere around $300.

Via Newegg

ASUS P6X58D Premium Motherboard

Wink 16 GB Flash Drive – Smallest in the World?

The Active Media Wink  USB Flash Drive is claimed to be the smallest in the world.It measures 0.1 inches in thickness and just over 1 inch long.Despite its small size,it has an amazing store-capacity of 16 GB.It is also waterproof but I don’t know if this is an attractive feature because not so many of us are using a Flash Drive around the water.

Other models with different store-capacity are available too : 2 GB , 4 GB and 8 GB

Smallest USB Flash Drive

Mr.Pod-Cute USB Flash Drive

Meet Mr.Pod,an USB Drive that looks like an iPod.  Its features are :

* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified

*Plug and Play,Hot-Swapped capability

*No software installation required

*Support: Windows 7, Vista , Xp , 2000 and Mac OS

*Dimension : 41 x 22 x 8.5 mm

*Weight : 10 g

*Capacity : 4 GB

The reason you should have Mr.Pod are not the features,it is the cute looking.

Mr.Pod USB Flash Drive 1