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Affordable 3D Projector from Viewsonic

Viewsonic 3D projector

Viewsonic has just entered the market with an affordable 3D projector. The PJD6531w projector comes with a native wide resolution of 1280×800 pixels and features a brightness rating of 3000 lumens, 3200:1 contrast ratio and its HD resolution is limited to 720P.

The projector is capable of showing any true 16:9 content without distortion or scaling and it uses the latest BrilliantColor technology for high clarity with life-like color. The device can project at 120Hz, necessary for viewing 3D content. It offers support for different video timing formats like SD (NTSC & PAL), HD 720p, 1080i/p.


Sanyo Announces Two New Full HD Xacti Camcorders


Sanyo has annonunced its popular Xacti camcorder series will be getting two new additions, the DMX-CG100 and the DMX CH1.

The only difference between Sanyo’s new gadgets is their shape. While the DMX-CH1 has a more conventional shape, the CG100 stays true to Sanyo’s original design. features of these new camcorders include 14 megapixel CMOS sensors, 1920×1080 pixels resolution, 5x optical zoom, HDMI out and microSD card slot able to accomodate up to 64 Gb of storage memory.


Dell S300wi Projector Has WiFi and 3D Capabilities

Dell S300wi Projector

Dell has just passed through FCC with its S300wi projector and features WiFi network which allows you to playback video content from your computer without any uncomfortable cables.

The projector has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels and it can display 1.07 billion colors on a 294-inch image at up to 10.8 feet away. It has a 0.65″ light valve with a maximum brightness of 2200 ANSI Lumen.

The 802.11 b/g WiFi connectivity allows you to display content from the projection sources wirelessly, but the device supports wired connections too, including VGA, HDMI, S-video and composite inputs.


Samsung’s Latest Ultra Compact Camcorder : The SMX-C20UN

Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder

Samsung‘s latest Ultra Compact Camcorder has been launched and it comes with a 25 degree active angle lens.

Known as Samsung SMX-C20UN, the camcorder features a 25 degree active angle lens that is perfect for a healthy hand position and reduces wrist pain and fatigue. The camcorder also offers you the possibility to edit and divide your recordings without using a computer.

Another cool feature is that the camcorder allows you to shot amazing videos, such as those of opening flowers, due to the time lapse recording.

The Samsung SMX-C20UN Ultra Compact Camcorder can be yours for $199.99

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Acer’s 3D Capable Monitor Launched In Japan

Acer 3D Monitor

Acer‘s latest innovation is a 3D-capable LCD screen which was launched in Japan today. Known as Acer GD245HQbid, the monitor features a 23.6-inch display that has a 300cd/m2 brightness, 2ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 80,000:1 dynamic one.

The monitor offers you the chance to watch 3D movies or to play 3D video games without any kind of 3D glasses. The Acer GD245HQbid 3D monitor retails for 45,000 Yen which means somewhere around $486.

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Samsung Finally Launches The BD-C6900 3D Blue Ray

Samsung BD-C6900

The Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blue-ray player is finally available after a failed attempt to hit the shelves. The device offers support for Full HD 1080p. It also has wireless LAN built-in and 1 GB integrated memory.

The BD-C6900 also features DLNA support which means that the device can be used as a media-stream receiver, including support for Dolby Digital TruHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

The BD-C6900 has 3D capabilities and it is compatible with Samsung’s HDTVs and Blue-ray 3D standard TV sets. The player can be acquired from Amazon for $399.99.

Very Cheap Solution to Film in 3D from Weber State University

Homemade 3D device

There are many ways to shoot 3D video but very few are suitable for everyone, especially for those with a limited budget. The Scientific Analysis and Visualization Initiative at Weber State University has created a device that is based on two Kodak ZX1 pocket HD cameras. The cameras are placed on a L-shaped aluminum bar via machine screws with 6.5cm between them ( because this seems to be the correct distance to film in 3D ).

This is a great and also a cheap solution to film in 3D considering the fact that this homemade device costs only $250.

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Panasonic Announced Their First 3D Blue-Ray Disc Player

Panasonic DMP-BDT300

Panasonic has created its first 3D Blue-Ray disc player, the DMP-BDT300. The device is based on Panasonic’s UniPhier LSI chip which they say it is able to display twice the information as a regular Blu-ray movie. Also, the DMP-BDT300 features Panasonic’s own Vieracast platform with DLNA capability and supports WLAN adaptors too, in case you can’t connect it to a network cable.

The device has USB and SD slots and supports formats like JPEG, DivX Plus HD, AVCHD, MPEG2 and others. There is also twin HD-out sockets to use audio and video at the same time.

There are no details about the release date or pricing yet, but we will keep you in touch with the latest information about the Panasonic DMP-BDT300.

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Sony’s First 3D Blu-Ray Player : The BDP-S470

Sony S470

Sony has just announced the launch of its first standalone 3D-ready Blu-Ray player, the BDP-S470. The device will receive a firmware upgrade this summer that will let users view 3D content with the player. The BDP-S470 also streams content from Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Slacker, NPR, Sony, and others.

Besides the S470, some Sony Blu-Ray players that are already available will be capable of displaying 3D content due to the same firmware upgrade. The S470 will go on sale this month for $200.

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Casio Reveals Slim Mercury-Free Projector


Japanese camera giant Casio, first showcased the revolutionary Green Slim projector at CES, and now more details emerge.

The Casio Green Slim is the world’s first high-brightness projector able to render video in a light room, without the help of a high-pressure mercury lamp. The engineers at Casio managed to pull this off by combining laser, fluorescent and LED technology, and creating a high-output of green light.

Another interesting feature of Casio’s projector is its small, slim body. Measuring no more than a standard piece of paper, it’s also just 1.7 inches thick and weighs only 5 pounds. The Green Slim projector uses DLP light-projection technology and can handle resolutions up to 1280×800.


Sanyo Announces 1080p, 14.4 MP XACTI Camcorder


Japanese tech giant Sanyo has announced another model of their now famous XACTI camcorders, the CG 110.

Maintaining the same comfortable, pistol-grip shape Sanyo camcorders have become famous for, the XACTI CG 110 also comes with pretty kick-ass features. This cool-looking video-recording device is capable of 1080p, 60 fps video-clips as well as 14.4 megapixel still shots. Onboard memory is a decent 16 Gb, but thanks to the SD card slot, you can add up to 64 GB extra memory.

Other cool features of the Sanyo XACTI CG 1010 include 5x optical zoom, a stereo speaker, flash, digital image stabilization and face detection. According to the official announcement, you’ll get up to an hour of full HD filming or about 190 shots, on a single battery charge.


Sungworld anounces Android-Powered MID

Sungworld MID

This Mobile Internet Device (MID) from Sungworld will have Android as operating system and it is based on the ARM926 platform. Even if it doesn’t have a name yet, some of its specs were unveiled, showing a 7-inch 800×480 touchscreen,512MB RAM, 2GB SSD, Wi-Fi connectivity, it plays 1080p videos and features HDMI port. Sungworld’s Mobile Internet Device is expected to go on sale at the end of this month and we pray for a competitive price.

Twin Video Camcorder – Record Two Different Things at the Same Time

Twin Video Camcorder

The Twin Video is a camcorder created by Ion Audio which is able to record two different things at the same time, such as two guys standing face-to-face and having a conversation. The camcorder has a camera and a microphone on both back and front sides and allows you to choose which camera will record picture-in-picture and which will be the full-sized master. You can also choose the split-screen option in order to show both.  The Twin Video camcorder uses SD or SDHC memory cards, it can be connected to a computer via USB and it is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. The device is expected to go on sale in the first half of 2010.


Sideline Cinq Makes Your Laptop a Double Screener


If you’re looking for an easy, cheap double-screen notebook, look no further than the Sideline Cinq, a sweet add-on LCD monitor for your machine.

Double-screened laptops are not easy to come by these days, but the 10.1 inch Sideline Cinq is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install solution. It connects to both Windows and Mac laptops via USB and can be attached to the notebook or placed on a stand.

When in comes out, in the third quarter of 2010, the Sideline Cinq will offer both landscape and portrait views, at a price of $249. If you pre-order from the Sideline website, you can get the Cinq for the reduced price of $199.


OWLE Video Rig Improves iPhone Video Quality


The Apple iPhone isn’t exactly known for its outstanding video-camera, so it’s no wonder people are trying to come up with ways to improve on that. Here’s what ThinkGeek has for you:

The Owle Video Rig uses anodized billet aluminum, a mini boom-mic and a wide angle lens to make you feel like a professional film maker. All you have to do is nestle your iPhone inside the metal and silicone case of the OWLE and you’re set to become the next James Cameron.

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Toshiba Announced Portaro SD-P12DT Portable DVD Player

Portaro SD-P12DT DVD Player

The Portaro SD-P12DT is a portable DVD player that has been unveiled today by Toshiba in Japan. The main feature of the gadget is the 12 inch LDC display with LED backlight which offers high-quality image at a resolution of 1366 x 769. The device can play video DVDs, music CDs, DVD-R/RW and CD-R/RW and includes and SD slot for memory cards and a buil-in TV tuner ( works only in Japan).

The Toshiba Portaro SD-P12DT DVD Player will be available from February 1 at the price of $550.

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Kodak ZX3 Waterproof Camcorder – Memories with Fish

The Kodak ZX3 is a waterproof camcorder which features a 2-inch color display with image stabilization. The camcorder can record HD videos in 1080p or 720p or take 5MP stills, supports SD/SDHC memory cards for up to 32GB memory and you can connect it via a HDMI cable to your HDTV. You can also take it up to 10 meters underwater when “walking” with the fish.

The Kodak ZX3 Waterproof Camcorder will be available in April at the price of $150.

Kodak ZX3 Waterproof Camcorder

Viliv HD5 Ultraportable Media Player

The new ultraportable media player from Viliv, the HD5, features a 5″ LCD full touchscreen display ( 800 x 480 ), support for SDHC memory card and T-DMB/DAB capability. The Viliv HD5 is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB of storage capacity.

Viliv HD5 Media Player

iTV Goggles Make You Feel Like in a Movie Theater

The iTV Goggles are designed to make you feel like in a movie theater while you are at home on the couch. The goggles feature two LCD displays inside which are projecting a big screen for you. They can be connected to iPod, gaming consoles, DVD players, VHS players, DVR recorders or Tivo.

The iTV Goggles are available in two models : 50” or 80” virtual projection, at a price of $310 each.

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iTV Goggles

Hello Kitty LCD TV

The Hello Kitty LCD TV is another product of the Hello Kitty line, with digital tuner, supporting a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels on a 13.3-inch screen. It has 2 x 3W audio speakers and a remote shapped like the classic Hello Kitty red bow, making it perfect for girls.

The bad thing about the Hello Kitty LCD TV is that it is suitable only for Japanese televison-system.

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Hello Kitty LCD TV