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Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles Are Fun

Kraken Steampunk 3D Goggles

It seems that steampunk is getting into the 3DTV industry as well as in many other industries like computers, jewelry or clothing.

Will Rockwell came up with this idea of creating the Kraken steampunk 3D goggles that come with an unique design. These glasses are different than any regular pair of 3D glasses, they’re big, wrap-around goggles and the lenses that were used are from a real pair of glasses and that means that you can use the Kraken 3D goggles in theaters too.

So if you want all the attention when you enter the theater, go to Etsy and order the Kraken seampunk 3D goggles for $200.

Acer’s 3D Capable Monitor Launched In Japan

Acer 3D Monitor

Acer‘s latest innovation is a 3D-capable LCD screen which was launched in Japan today. Known as Acer GD245HQbid, the monitor features a 23.6-inch display that has a 300cd/m2 brightness, 2ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio and 80,000:1 dynamic one.

The monitor offers you the chance to watch 3D movies or to play 3D video games without any kind of 3D glasses. The Acer GD245HQbid 3D monitor retails for 45,000 Yen which means somewhere around $486.

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Sony’s 3D Glasses Will Have You Break the Piggy Bank


Japanese tech giant, Sony, has announced a slick line of 3D LCD TV’s scheduled to hit retailer shelves in June, and with it, a set of really expensive series of 3D glasses.

After Sony announced the prices of its 3D peripherals, it has become clear the Japanese manufacturer plans to cash in on not just the 3D LCDs, but accessories as well. I hope you’re sitting down, cause these prices might cause faints, and even seizures.

Sony‘s TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses, will be priced at $133 each, when they hit stores, in June. And a set of four Sony 3D glasses and infrared transmitter, to drive them, will have you fork out a staggering $587.


MSI to Present Its First 24-inch 3D All-in-One PC Next Week

MSI 3D All-in-one PC

MSI Computer will unveil their first 24-inch 3D All-in-One PC at next week’s CeBIT 2010 in Germany, after another all-in-one device ( the AE2420 ) was introduced at this year CES.

Called the 3D AIO, it comes with a 24-inch 120Hz LED display with 1080p resolution and a pair of 3D shutter glasses. Besides that, there is no information about its specs but they ensure us that it will a be very powerful system.

The multitouch Core i3/i5/i7 AE2420 and AE2280 AIOs will also be presented at next week’s event. Even so, all eyes will be targeted at the 3D All-in-One PC.

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Finally, a Pair of Stylish 3D Glasses


Gunnar Optiks announced it will be producing a series of 3D glasses compatible with all the most popular 3D platforms on the market.

Unlike common 3D glasses, stamped from a simple piece of plastic, Gunnar glasses are finely cut and shaped to provide a distortion-free 3D experience. Gunnar digital glasses already have a very good reputation, but we’ll have to wait until Q2 of 2010 to see what the new Gunnar 3D glasses can do.

Finally, an alternative to low-quality, ugly-as-hell 3D glasses. I can’t wait.