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VLogic To Launch The World’s First 3D OLED TV


Until now, the only OLED HDTV on the market was the LG 15EL9500 which retails for $.1999. The guys from VLogic are claiming that they’re currently working on a 15″ OLED  TV, the TDM-150W.

The TDM-150W will be the first 3D OLED TV. Even if the LG’s OLED display doesn’t have 3D capabilities, the TDM-150W and LG15EL9500 are using the same panel, which means that they are both capable of displaying a WXGA 1366 x 768 resolution with a 100000:1 contrast ratio.

There is no information on when the TDM-150W will hit the shelves or about pricing yet.

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World’s First Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD Created By Sharp

Sharp 3D LCD

Someone must always be the one who brings something for the first time in front of us.  This time, Sharp is the one that came with a new innovation by announcing the worlds first four-primary-color 3D LCD.

This 3D LCD features the industry’s highest brightness with extremely low crosstalk for ghost images and, by wearing special 3D glasses, you will be able to see impressive 3D images with a very high realistic sense of depth. Its platform has a system where the images that are intended for the left and the right eye are displayed on the LCD screen sequentially. The 3D glasses have LC shutters which are synchronizing  with the display, “opening” (becoming transparent) and “closing” (becoming opaque) so that your left and right eye see separate images. (more…)