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DXG Launches Cheap 3D Camcorder


If you think you have what it takes to shot the next Avatar, but lack the necessary camera, DXG’s new 3D camcorder leaves you with excuses.

At only $400, the new DXG 3D camcorder is chap enough for the poorest would-be-movie-director out there. It shoots in 3D, yes, but for this low a price, you can’t expect something like 3D HD. Still the standard VGA is decent enough. The DXG 3D camcorder even comes with a 7″ digital photo viewer that allows you to view your 3D footage, right after you shoot it. The videos save in motion JPEG format.


New Motorola TV Set-Tops Let You Watch Cable in 3D


The title sounds so good, but as you might have figured out, these set-top boxes can’t turn 2D signal into 3D, but simply switch between signals, automatically.

The tech giant announced their new industry-leading DCX TV set-tops will receive some enhancements that will allow them to detect 3D signals and automatically switch from 2D to 3D. basically, the new software implemented by Motorola, will save you the hassle of having to manually switch from 2D to 3D, whenever a channel changes the signal.


Sony’s 3D Glasses Will Have You Break the Piggy Bank


Japanese tech giant, Sony, has announced a slick line of 3D LCD TV’s scheduled to hit retailer shelves in June, and with it, a set of really expensive series of 3D glasses.

After Sony announced the prices of its 3D peripherals, it has become clear the Japanese manufacturer plans to cash in on not just the 3D LCDs, but accessories as well. I hope you’re sitting down, cause these prices might cause faints, and even seizures.

Sony‘s TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 active shutter glasses, will be priced at $133 each, when they hit stores, in June. And a set of four Sony 3D glasses and infrared transmitter, to drive them, will have you fork out a staggering $587.


Very Cheap Solution to Film in 3D from Weber State University

Homemade 3D device

There are many ways to shoot 3D video but very few are suitable for everyone, especially for those with a limited budget. The Scientific Analysis and Visualization Initiative at Weber State University has created a device that is based on two Kodak ZX1 pocket HD cameras. The cameras are placed on a L-shaped aluminum bar via machine screws with 6.5cm between them ( because this seems to be the correct distance to film in 3D ).

This is a great and also a cheap solution to film in 3D considering the fact that this homemade device costs only $250.

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Panasonic Announced Their First 3D Blue-Ray Disc Player

Panasonic DMP-BDT300

Panasonic has created its first 3D Blue-Ray disc player, the DMP-BDT300. The device is based on Panasonic’s UniPhier LSI chip which they say it is able to display twice the information as a regular Blu-ray movie. Also, the DMP-BDT300 features Panasonic’s own Vieracast platform with DLNA capability and supports WLAN adaptors too, in case you can’t connect it to a network cable.

The device has USB and SD slots and supports formats like JPEG, DivX Plus HD, AVCHD, MPEG2 and others. There is also twin HD-out sockets to use audio and video at the same time.

There are no details about the release date or pricing yet, but we will keep you in touch with the latest information about the Panasonic DMP-BDT300.

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Sony’s First 3D Blu-Ray Player : The BDP-S470

Sony S470

Sony has just announced the launch of its first standalone 3D-ready Blu-Ray player, the BDP-S470. The device will receive a firmware upgrade this summer that will let users view 3D content with the player. The BDP-S470 also streams content from Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Slacker, NPR, Sony, and others.

Besides the S470, some Sony Blu-Ray players that are already available will be capable of displaying 3D content due to the same firmware upgrade. The S470 will go on sale this month for $200.

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Asus Launches G5IJ 3D Gaming Laptop


After 3D movies, 3d HDTVs, it’s time for 3D gaming on your laptop and Asus claims it’s the first company to make it happen, with its new G5IJ 3D gaming laptop.

With a 120Hz display and Nvidia 3D glasses, the Asus G5IJ lets you enjoy the 3D experience from the comfort of your own home. Apart from the multimedia package, Asus’ first 3D laptop also features some impressive specifications: 1.6GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 4Gb of DDR3 RAM, 2x320GB hard drives and a powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 260M graphics card.


Finally, a Pair of Stylish 3D Glasses


Gunnar Optiks announced it will be producing a series of 3D glasses compatible with all the most popular 3D platforms on the market.

Unlike common 3D glasses, stamped from a simple piece of plastic, Gunnar glasses are finely cut and shaped to provide a distortion-free 3D experience. Gunnar digital glasses already have a very good reputation, but we’ll have to wait until Q2 of 2010 to see what the new Gunnar 3D glasses can do.

Finally, an alternative to low-quality, ugly-as-hell 3D glasses. I can’t wait.