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Woodpecker Alarm Clock Doesn’t Tell Time


What’s the loveliest sound you’d like to wake up to, in the morning. Judging by the choice for this very special alarm clock, woodpecking is among the top choices.

That’s one of the ways anyone could explain why this woodpecker alarm clock even exists. I’ll tell you what it’s not for though, telling time. See, this weird little device was designed for one specific task, and that’s waiking you up in the gentlest, most pleasant way possible. The woodpecker alarm clock only goes off  at night, before bed time and in the morning when it’s time to go to work.

It may not be the most practical alarm clock in the world, but the woodpecker alarm clock is an ingenious options for people who need alittle discipline in the their lives.

Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Photo Display from Insignia

The Dual Alarm Clock Radio from Insignia isn’t just an alarm clock. It has 128Mb of internal memory and also a media card reader where photos can be stored and shown on its 3.5-inch display. So you’ll wake up in the morning looking at your favourite photos.

Insignia Dual Alarm Clock Radio