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Air Display Turns Your iPad into a Second Display for Your Mac


If you were pondering new ways of using your brand new Apple iPad, you’ll be glad to know it also functions as a wireless secondary display, thanks to Air Display.

Avatron’s new app allows you to use the Apple tablet as an extension to your Mac’s monitor, by connecting the two via WIFI. All you have to do is install a System Preference panel on your Mac desktop or laptop, and you’ll be able to transfer data from the iPad to your computer, over WIFI. The tablet will also have mouse functionality, allowing to click items on the extended monitor, with your finger tips.


Mi-Stylus – A Cheap Effective Stylus for Apple Products


If you’re an iPhone user, there has to have been at least one occassion when you wished you had a stylus. Sure the icons are big enough for your fingers, but sometimes you just need some finesse.

As you probably already know, Apple gadgets don’t work with a regular stylus, but luckily, there are some to choose from. Like the newly launched Mi-Stylus, featuring a special composite nib that gets along beautifully with Apple’s touchscreens. It has a large, flat area used to click on larger icons, and a slim edge, specially designed for precision clicking. Mi-Stylus’s design could come in handy when you need to quickly type an email on your iPhone or iPod touch, as we all know how tiny those keys are.

And at just 4.99 pounds, Mi-Stylus is just to cheap to be ignored.

QuickerTek Charge Monitor Measures the Power Input of Your iPad

QuickerTek-Charge-MonitorThe popular Apple iPad is known as a power-hungry piece of machienery, and knowing just how much current is going into it, is actually more important than you think.

The QuickerTek Charge Monitor is designed to tell you just how much power is coming out of your USB ports, and into the iPad. Bceause of its insatiable appetite only a few computer models can actually generate enough energy to effectively recharge it. All you have to do is stick it into one of your gadgets’  USB ports and stick a USB cable at the other end. The four LED markers light up, depending on the power levels.

It might seem like a useful device, but considering most USB 2.0 ports only deliver 500mA (with only a few recent Gigabyte entries cranked up to 1500mA) it’s worth knowing if you can use USB to recharge your gadgets. Since the iPad requires at least 1000mA to recharge, the QuickerTek Charge Monitor can help you find the USB port with the right amount of juice.

The QuickerTek Charge Monitor costs $29.95 and is compatible with Apple products like the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple To Release Software Update to Fix iPad’s Wi-Fi Problems

Apple iPad

After Apple received complaints from its users about iPad’s WiFi connectivity, they released suggestions to fix the issue such as turning off dual band mode on the router, but it seems the problem still occurs.

Apple is now working on a software update which, they say, it’s going to fix the problem.

There are no details on when this software update will be released, but I guess it will be very soon considering that the iPad Wi-Fi and the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G sales are going up with every passing day.

Cool UO DJ Mixer Makes You Feel Like a DJ


If you’ve always dreamed of testing your DJ skills, but always lacked the turntable to do it, the UO DJ Mixer is just the gadget you’ve been waiting for.

Instead of two vinyl disks, the UO DJ Mixer lets you mix the music from two iPhones, two iPods, 2 mp3 players, or even one of each. The full list of supported players is iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations, iPod Classic, 4th and 5th generations and iPod Mini. And the best thing is this thing actually charges your Apple gadgets, while you’re playing DJ.

The UO DJ Mixer comes complete with headphones and microphone, so you can spit some mean rhymes, while you’re doing your DJ-ing thing. It has 2 effects programs with reverb, flange and filter and cross-fade slider, and a recording option.


The Apple iPad Attacked By New Virus

Apple iPad

Very little time has passed since the launch of the iPad and the guys over at BitDefender have already discovered a possible virus, disguised as an iTunes update.

The malware links arrive in the email claiming to offer “best performance, newer features and security”. If accessed, the virus goes into explore.exe and opens a backdoor, sending sensitive data to other terminals. BitDefender announced in a press release : ” Identified by BitDefender as Backdoor.Bifrose.AADY, the piece of malicious code inadvertently downloaded injects itself into the explorer.exe process and opens up a backdoor that allows unauthorized access and control over the system “.

Via Gadgetvenue

Usain Bolt Signature iPod Touch Is Covered in Gold


The fastest man on Earth, and one of the greatest athletes in history, Usain Bolt is honored by Goldgenie, with his very own iPod Touch, covered in 24 carat gold.

Now you know you’ve done something right with your life, when you see your name and signature on a golden iPod. Usain Bolt is the latest sports celebrity to have a limited edition iPod launched in his name, but Goldgenie has done it before. Las year, it was Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who gor honored, in the same fashion.


iDock XL Transforms Your iPhone into an iPad

iDock-XL-iPadCan’t afford to get even the cheapest iPad model, at $499? No worries,all you need is your trusty old iPhone, and the iDock XL.

Many have argued that the iPad is just a blown-up version  of the iPhone, so someone finally came up with an idea to change the multimedia phone into the desired tablet PC. That’s how the iDock XL was “born.”

Sure, it doesn’t look the part, and if your iPhone isn’t jailbroken, you’ll only be able to see video files, due to the restrictions put in place, by Apple. But if your iPhone is jailbroken, you practically have a slightly oversized version of the Apple iPad.

The iDock XL costs only $230, considerably cheaper than the iPad, but the fact that the display isn’t touchscreen (you have to use the iPad’s touchscreen),and the awkward look make the Apple iPad a much better choice.

Check the iDock in action, after the break.

iPadDock Turns Your iPad into a Laptop


The iPad was designed to become the mother of all tablet PCs, but I bet not even Steve Jobs himself imagined it could make the laptop absolete.

But not by its own, mind you, but with the help of a device called the iPadDock. This innovative accessory is designed to turn your iPad into a touchscreen laptop. All you need is an Apple iPad, of course, and a Bluetooth keyboard. You can use iPadDock at school, as a business tool or simly as a hard-case to protect your iPad.

There are those that might say such a device is absolutely pointless, with the iPad beeing so responsive and all, but just like with touchsreen mobile phones, you sometimes feel the need for a hard keyboard. The iPadDock oficial site says pricing and availability will be announced shortly.

See the iPadDock in action, after the break. (more…)

Smaller Versions Of The Apple’s iPad By 2011

Apple iPad

Apple is going to release smaller version of the iPad by the beginning of 2011.

Or at least this is what the guys from Digi Times are claiming. According to Digi Times, the suppliers have already received requests for smaller parts that will be used to create a smaller iPad.

If this proves to be true, then we will see a smaller iPad by the beginning of 2011, with the size between the iPhone’s size and the iPads size. The price will have a smaller size too, probably lower than $400, so it is likely that the Apple’s iPad to become more popular among us.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Update Comes With Great Promises

iPhone OS 4.0

The long awaited iPhone OS update will be presented tomorrow in a special event initiated by Apple.

The next version of the software is the iPhone OS 4.0 and rumors claim that the most important feature of this new update will be the multitasking which may work the same way Expose works on Mac OS and it will be available for the first time for third-party applications.

Another aspect about the new iPhone OS is that some features from the Apple’s iPad could be added to the iPhone OS, including the ability to customize the background wallpaper using the iPhone in any orientation you want. Also, it is possible to see a merge between the iPhone OS and the iPad OS later this year which will be the iPhone OS 4.1

Via Cnet

Apple’s iPad Production Price Is Twice Lower Than The Selling Price

iPad teardown

Have you ever wondered how much actually does it cost to build an iPad?

Well, we know that a mid price Apple iPad retails for $599 and that a high-end 64 GB Apple tablet goes for $699. But what we didn’t know is that the mid price 32GB iPad contains components that cost $289, while the $699 version has components that cost $348.

Look at the numbers for each component part of the iPad after the jump (more…)

Custom Victorian iMac Cover Looks Charming


So far we’ve posted our share of antique computers and wooden displays and peripherals, but this is the first Victorian iMac I’ve ever seen.

Hand-made and custom built, these vintage iMac covers are made of oak and feature gold and brass trims. They fit 20″ and 24″ iMacs and can be matched with custom made Steampunk keyboard and mouse. The Victorian wooden iMac covers are up for grabs, at a price of $265, and the awesome keyboard is sold separately, for $345.

These accessories may not be the cheapest on the market, but how many people can say they own a Victorian iMac? More photos after the jump.


The i-Luv Speaker Bar Is Perfect For Your iPad


The i-Luv speaker bar is nothing more than another iPad accessory and it can be connected to the Apple iPad via a 3.5mm jack.

Called the iSP150, the device is powered by four AAA batteries and it can also be used together with other devices with a 3.5mm jack socket, such as iPod, iPhone, laptops etc. The powerful built-in speakers offer you high quality and clear sound. The speaker bar is fully mobile and perfect for travel, it has built-in power switch and volume control and it can also be powered via USB cable.

The Speaker Bar can be purchased from the i-Luv online store for $34.99.

Diamond Encrusted iPad for “Just” $20,000


Being top of the line. as far as technology is concerned, isn’t enough to guarantee succes in an increasingly crowded market, like that of the tablet PCs.

That’s why Mervis Diamond Importers is launching a diamond-encrusted version of Apple’s latest gadget, the iPad. The common version of the tablet isn’t even officially out yet, and we already have something even more special to look forward to. According to Mervis Diamond Importers, the world’s first diamond iPad “11.43 carats of diamonds, hand-set in a micro-pave styling. The diamonds are graded G/H in color and VS2/SI1 in clarity.”


Ezy Tablet PC Similar to the iPad

Ezy Tablet

The Ezy Tablet PC is, of course, another tablet that is trying to bring down the iPad. It has a 10.2″ multitouch screen and sports an Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz processor helped by 2GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive. Other features include Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, 1.3 megapixel camera and comes with Windows 7 installed. The Ezy Tablet PC is available at Shopkami for $679.

Via ubergizmo

Stainless Steel iPhone 3G and 3GS Case

Stainless Steel iPhone Case

LTD have created a new iPhone case, different from the ones before. The new case is made from stainless steel and gives an unusual look to you iPhone. The case features gaps on its sides which will allow you to access volume, power, lock button and camera.

It also has silicon pads on the interior in order to protect the phone from bumps and scratches and a flip up lid that will give you full control to your iPhone’s touchscreen.


Panasonic D-Dock SC-H40 Designed for iPhone and iPod Touch

Panasonic D-Dock SC-H40

The D-Dock SC-H40 from Panasonic is a stereo system which was designed to work with Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The device features a built-in CD player, a digital amplifier and integrated speakers. There is a sliding door on the back that will hide and protect your iPhone or iPod. The D-Dock also has an AM/FM tuner with a feature that allows you to record from radio , Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot and it comes with a remote that gives you full control of the device.


Street Fighter IV Coming to an iPhone near You


I know it sounds impossible, but Capcom have confirmed an iPhone version of Street Fighter IV will be launched in March.

But what about the kick-ass graphics, stages and character supermoves, how are those going to be ported to the iPhone? Very good question, but Capcom have been working on this version of their acclaimed beat’em-up for months, and they say we can expect the full console experience on the iPhone. Street Fighter’s most popular characters, Ryu and Ken, have been confirmed and Capcom reveals we’ll have a lot more fan favorites to choose from.


LA robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case


Be.ez has announced the LA robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case, a series of protection sleeves for Apple’s iPad, which will be available in Moka, Black, Multi Color and Red Kiss. The sleeves feature memory foam (Low Resilience Polyurethane) for protection against bumps and drops and they also have high grade fleece on the interior to protect the screen against scratching.

The LA robe iPad Allure Apple iPad Case will be available this spring. Each will cost $29.95.

Via geeky-gadgets