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Large Arcade Stick for Large Scale Gaming


No matter how many arcade games get ported to the Xbox 360 or PS3, without the stick and big buttons, it’s just not the same.

But with the HORI RAP Pro VRX arcade stick, you can feel like playing in front of a huge arcade machine, right in the comfort of your own home. Weighing over twelve pounds, this beast of an accessory is above every other arcade stick ever made. Its sheer size, the button-mashing possibilities and the fact that it’s compatible with both the Xbox and PS3 make Hori’s arcade stick worth the 30,000 yen ($330).


Tetxtminator – The Ultimate Texting Machine

Back in the day, arcade game machines were all about killing monsters, eating colored balls and fighting, but things have really gone down hill.

The Textminator is a modern day arcade game-station that allows one or two players to complete several texting challenges. Taking control of steel phone-shaped keypads, gamers can show off their SMS-writing skills.

Other than the rather cool built in camera that allows texters to take photos of their smug faces for the “high scores”section, there’s nothing that would make me pay for something I can do for free on my own cell-phone.

via OhGizmo!