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Chinese Launch Sixty Five Dollar Laptop


Finding a laptop anywhere in the $300-$400 price range is a real achievement, so it’s hard to believe you can have one for only $65.

But the Chinese from Creation Tech have really pulled it off. Their CTEB7G laptop retails for $65, but is far from being among the most competitive machines on the market. It features a 7-inch, 800×600 pixel display, a weak 33 Mhz processor, 128 Mb of RAM and just 2 Gb of flash memory, as storage. The CTEB7G does have WIFI, 3 USB ports and runs Windows CE.

This barebone laptop could be useful if you;re only thinking of using it to run word and occasionally open a web page, but don’t even think it’s capable of running advanced applications like Adobe Photoshop, for example.


Louis XVI Desktop Computer Is Fit for a King


Produced by French company, Chirita, the Louis XVI computer blends perfectly with elegant offices and living rooms.

To celebrate their company’s 10th anniversary, the French designers from Chirita have created an exclusive desktop computer inspired by the opulent era of Louis the XVI. Chirita has made a name for its self, by creating unique high-tech devices, disguised as elegant pieces of furniture, crafted out of brass, bronze, alabaster, malachite and lapis lazuli.

Louis XVI is a majestic system cleverly disguised in the display itself and featuring an elegant keyboard and mouse. Decked with gold leaf and pearls, Chirita’s Louis the XVI retails at € 13,000 ($17,800). Not a high price to pay, for a trip back in time.

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Recompute Cardboard Computer Goes into Production


Recompute was presented to the world this time last year, but only as a revolutionary concept. Now the company behind it announced the first cardboard computers went into production.

There’s no news yet on when we can expect the first Recompute PCs to be delivered on the market, but the fact they’re mass-produced is good enough, for now. The concept behind Recompute is as simple as it is efficient and environment-friendly. Everything but the motherboard, RAM, processor and power-supply is made from recycling materials, thus keeping metal and electronic use minimal.

If your Recompute PC breaks down or becomes obsolete, you can simply send its components to be recycled while the cardboard case biodegrades over time. How cool is that!