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Chinese iPad Clone Features Sliding Keyboard


With the large number of iPad clones launched, or on their way, Chinese manufacturer, Shenzen, decided to come up with something that would make its tablet PC stand out.

This particular prototype looks a lot like the iPad, but hides something completely unexpected, a sliding keyboard, similar to that of the Nokia N97.  Shenzen’s little gimmick is virtually an iPad laptop, similar to what you’d get using the iPadDock.

Little else is known about this upcoming Shenzen tablet PC, other than that it will feature a 10 inch display, and will be powered by an Atom N450 processor. No word about the launch date, either, but knowing the Chinese, this baby will hit the shelves in record time.


Nokia Ovi Orion Could Replace the N-Gage


Upset because Nokia announced it wouldn’t go through with the touchscreen N-Gage it announced back in 2008? Oh, cheer up, things are looking up.

The guys at Recombu designed a new gaming phone Nokia should definitely look into, if they’re planning on re-launching their mobile-gaming division. Named the nokia Ovi Orion, this breathtaking concept features elements from both the Apple iPhone and the Sony PSP, with a couple of improvements.

Besides the PSP-like controls, touchscreen display, the Ovi Orion has a QWERTY keyboard on its backside, and a small, elegant texting display. It looks and sounds great in theory, but for the Orion to be a smash-hit, Nokia would have to equip it with killer CPU and GPU.

Whether Nokia will ever launch the Ovi Orion, or not, only time will tell. In the meantime check out some more photos and a video of the concept gaming phone, after the jump.


VW Breathe – 2038 Concept

By the year of 2038, we will drive this VW Breathe on the roads of a metropolis, at least that’s what designer Chansong Park says. The goal of the VW Breathe is very simple : quick light delivery service, human transporting and personal commuter.

The vehicle can be operated only via GPS and has two modes: public transportation or cargo delivery. Because of its advanced technology and material design, the VW Breathe can change its body shape and proportions.

Via YankoDesign

VW Breathe Concept

See-Through Display Mobile Phone Concept

We see many concepts today, but i think this concept deserves a little bit of attention. Juan Carlos Garzon came with the idea of a mobile phone concept which features a see-through display. The display has a touch-screen interface and, on the back, a 5 MP camera for high resolution stills. The see-through display uses LED technology so the screen is clearly visible both day and night.

Via G-infoniac

Phone Concept See-Through Display 1


Firefighting ATV Concept – Designed to Fight Fire in Hell

I don’t know why but I am sure when you see this car you think it is remote-guided vehicle. In fact, it is a fire fighter ATV concept which can transport a two person-crew. The ATV can easily get to hotspots without putting the crew in danger due to the aerogel laminated insulation for its windows,  a temperature-controlled system which will use water from an additional water tank in order to cool down the temperature of the car and also the ceramic paint that slows down the heating. The concept has two remote-controlled water cannons that would access the vehicle’s 450 gallons water supply. The wheels and the tires are very big and it is used an advanced technology that would ensure the fire fighter will not get stuck in dangerous locations.

This concept was designed by Liam Ferguson and,if built,it will save many lives.

via Popsci

ATV FireFighter Concept 1


Nova Concept DSLR Camera

You thought gaming and photography have nothing in common,didn’t you?Then you’re wrong! Designer Erin Fong came up with the idea for this odd concept which combines a gamepad with a camera.As you can see in the pictures below,the camera is easy to handle and you can move it in different positions for better shots.

Via Gizmodo

NovaDSLR 1


Recyclable Paper Laptop

Recyclable cameras and cell phones have already been  accepted on the market,so why don’t we try building a disposable laptop too?Designer Je Sung Park came up with this idea, and the concept seems to be liked among tech-savvy people.The laptop is made of recycled paper and pulp material but it still needs some improvements.Even so,this is an important step towards future development for disposable computers.The materials from which the laptop is made are packed in layers.This means that the repairing process will be easy,as damaged or broken parts will easily be removed and replaced with new ones.

Recyclable Paper Laptop 1