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Microsoft Launches Pricy Xbox 360 Flash Drives

Xbox360-flash-driveSince Microsoft has prevented users from storing their data on external storage devices, it had to come up with a way to provide mode storage space. It has, but can you afford it?

You probably can, but I’m sure you won’t like paying a large amount of cash for a few extra gigabites. Unlike the PS3, which allows players to save data on any external device that connects via USB, the Xbox doesn’t have this native feature, so it requires a workaround. But the brains at Microsoft immediately saw this as a way to squeeze more money from their clients.

The new Xbox 360 flash drives offer 16 Gb of extra space, but at a cost of $70. That’s more than some stores sell their 20 gb drives, these days, and the new Microsoft sticks come with no extra features, other than their compatibility with the Xbox 360, and a free month of Xbox Live Gold, which is worth $8.


JXD Launches New MINICOCO Gaming Console


Chinese company, JXD, has just announced it will soon be launching a new handheld MP4 console, known as the JXD200 MINICOCO.

Featuring a simplistic, yet slick design that hints to the Nintendo DS, JXD’s new console borrows the right side buttons, from Sony’s PSP. In the center you’ll notice a 2.8-inch QVGA display that supports 1280×720 high-definition video streaming. The JXD MINICOCO is an extremely versatile machine that supports formats like GBA, GBC, GB, NES, SMD, SMC, Bin and Flash (SWF), as well as MP4 videos, RMVB, RM, AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, FLV, MP4, 3GP, ASF and WMV. That’s a pretty impressive looking list,you have to agree.


Nintendo Launches Wii Classic Controller Pro


In case you weren’t satisfied with the original Wii Classic Contrtoller, Nintendo just launched an enhanced version,called the Classic Controller Pro.

The “Pro” in the title means a second row of shoulder buttons, and a more ergonomical shape that Nintendo says will enhance gaming experience. The Wii Classic Controller Pro plugs directly into the Wiimote, thus connecting wirelessly to the console.


Afterglow X-Box 360 Controllers Glow in the Dark

Afterglow-X-Box-360-controllersIf you’re one of those gamers who like to play with the lights off, than you’re going to love these new toys, from PDP.

Glow in the dark controllers are not exactly new. A similar series was launched, back in the day, for the legendary Sony PlayStation 2, and they were a big hit. Now, PDP is going for the same effect, with a new set of glowing controllers, for the X-Box 360.

The new Afterglow gaming controllers for the 360 will be available in three different colors (green, blue and red), and will be available later this week. You can already pre-order your own Afteglow controller, at EB Games.

Jill Stuart Limited Edition PSP Coming in March


As the song goes, this is for the ladies. The Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package PSP is a result of a collaboration between Sony and the famous New-York based fashion brand, Jill Stuart.

Now I’m pretty sure no (straight) guy would want to be seen carrying one of these girly devices, but as we all know, any shade of pink is bound to catch a woman’s eye. The limited edition package comes with a pink PSP-3000, a 4 Gb PRO Duo Memory Stick, a classy display wiper and a champagne-gold purse for the handheld. The purse features a Hamekonda crystal chain.

The Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package PSP will be presented on March 6, at the Yokohama Arena.

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SEGA to Launch New Gaming Console, the SEGA Zone


You don’t need to pinch yourself, this one’s for real. SEGA announced they are working a retro console that will let you play those legendary title form the Genesis era.

The coolest thing about the upcoming SEGA Zone is that it will feature wireless, motion-sensing controllers, similar to those of the Nintendo Wii. According to SEGA’s announcement the Zone is due to ship this Summer and it will come with 20 pre-loaded  classic games the likes of Golden Axe, Alex Kid, Sonic and Knuckles or Ecco the Dolphin, as well 30 other titles, 16 of which motion-controlled.

The SEGA Zone console will retail for $80

via Pocket-Lint

Sony PS3 Supreme – Covered with Gold and Diamonds

The Goldstriker team, who created the Nintendo Wii Supreme , decided to ”crown” the PS3 too.

The PS3 Supreme will be smothered in 1600 grams of 22 carat solid gold and lots of 26 carat diamonds have been used to create the buttons.

Only three PS3 Supreme will be produced and they will sell for about $320.000 each.

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Gold Plated PS3

Gold Plated PS3 Console

If you are looking for gaming experience with a touch of luxury and your wallet doesn’t feel the effects of financial crisis, then you should take into consideration the Gold Plated PS3. The console can be the main attraction of your home for “only” $4999.

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Gold Plated PS3

U.S AirForce orders up 2200 more PS3 consoles

In March last year,U.S. Air Force has bought 336 PS3s from Sony.The consoles were not dedicated for entertainment,but for their supercomputer research.The primary interest of the U.S. AirForce laboratory is the powerful Cell processor , needed for some kind of a program.What the program entails hasn’t been revealed to the public yet,but we know for sure that U.S AirForce has recently ordered another package of about 2200 PS3 consoles.They say about Sony that is the  “only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.”

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