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Firefighting ATV Concept – Designed to Fight Fire in Hell

I don’t know why but I am sure when you see this car you think it is remote-guided vehicle. In fact, it is a fire fighter ATV concept which can transport a two person-crew. The ATV can easily get to hotspots without putting the crew in danger due to the aerogel laminated insulation for its windows,  a temperature-controlled system which will use water from an additional water tank in order to cool down the temperature of the car and also the ceramic paint that slows down the heating. The concept has two remote-controlled water cannons that would access the vehicle’s 450 gallons water supply. The wheels and the tires are very big and it is used an advanced technology that would ensure the fire fighter will not get stuck in dangerous locations.

This concept was designed by Liam Ferguson and,if built,it will save many lives.

via Popsci

ATV FireFighter Concept 1