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Expose It to Sun By Day For Night Time Use

Oasis Lantern

The Oasis Rechargeable Solar Stainless Steel LED Lantern is an illuminating source and also a decisive tool for survival, if you are lost in the wilderness.

Let’s suppose you’re out there with a regular lantern which needs batteries to work and it takes a couple of days to find help. I’m not saying you’ll die if you run out of electricity, but you’ll certainly spend the nights in a spooky way. So here comes in help the Oasis Rechargeable Solar Stainless Steel LED Lantern.

The device features solar panels that collect solar energy and transform it into light. It will take from 12 to 24 hours to get a full charge or, if you find yourself near an electrical outlet, you can use its AC adapter to recharge it faster. The stainless steel lantern also comes with a remote control for easy handling.


Dude Makes DIY Bazooka LED Flashlight


Probably the most powerful home-made flashlight in the world, the 500 LED Bazooka flashlight is a luminescent monster.

LEDs have so many advantages, compared to the old incandescent light bulbs, including lower power consumption and a longer life span, that it was only natural they were going to make a better flashlight. Featuring several brightness switches, the 500 LED flashlight can be used in different situations, but not in very tight rooms, since you need both hands to hold it.

Compared to two Maglites, the bazooka flashlight is infinitely brighter, both indoors and outdoors. jump to the video, at the bottom, to see it in action.


LED Spy Flashlight

At first glance, this LED flashlight seems an ordinary one, but it’s not. There is a small camera right in the center of the flashlight which helps you record (VGA 30fps) everything in the light spot. You can also shot photos at a resolution of 1600×1200. The LED flashlight features 2GB internal memory which you can extend to 8GB with a microSDHC memory card.

Via Ubergizmo

LED Spy Flashlight 1