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Bacteria Beware, Ninja Assasins Are Out to Get You


Germs and bacteria that thought your toothbrush was a safe haven are about to be hnted and burned alive by skilled, ultraviolet-wielding ninja toothbrush sanitizers.

I’m sure you’ve tried to clean your toothbrush of bacteria, but now it’s time to step back and let trained professionals handle the job. Bred for the soul purpose of burning germs alive, with ultraviolet light, these deadly ninja’s will fry even the most resilient bacteria, hiding in your toothbrush.

All you need to to do is hire one of these cute-but-lethal ninjas, for the small price of just $37 and your toothbrush will be safe forever. Not a bad price for this type of service.

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Devon Works Tread 1 Bulletproof Wristwatch


Most haute couture wristwatches try to maintain that classic look that usually appeals to filthy rich horology enthusiasts, but Devon Works is trying to break the pattern with its Tread 1.

This technological wonder shows time with the help of four 2/1000th thin belts, moving on a central chassis. This makes it look like the watch parts are actually floating inside the case. The Tread 1 is powered by four state of the art compact microstep motors that charge wirelessly. That’s right, for this space-age time-piece, Devon Works has integrated wireless technology that will keep it running for two weeks, on a single charge.

Made from high grade stainless steel, Tread 1 is actually bulletproof, so you can use it to block a bullet, if you’re quick enough. But this (possibly)life-saving gadget will have you you fork out $15,000, when it comes out. Check out the Devon Works Tread 1, in action, after the jump.


Monthly Budget Calculator Keeps Your Savings Intact


Living on a monthly budget can be pretty hard, especially if you’re used to spending money on a lot of stuff. But the monthly budget calculator can make things a little bit simpler.

I know what you’re thinking, you could set some spending limits using your smartphone, but for those who like a more straightforward approach, this little gadget is worth its weight in gold.  You can use the monthly budget calculator to track spending in 6 categories: food, apparel, transportation, entertainment personal care and miscellaneous. You can set maximum limits for every category, and enter every expenditure, as it takes place. This way you’ll be able to keep track of where all the money goes, without having to tap into the children’s college funds.


D-Link 3G Doorbell Lets You Monitor Your Door from Afar

d-link-3G-doorbellThe little D-Link 3G doorbell may not look much different that any regular doorbells, but it is really so much more.

If you’re a busy businessman, always on the go, you’ll most likely appreciate this little device that allows you to monitor your front door, from anywhere in the world. The D-Link 3G doorbell features a slot for your SIM card, a 0.1 megapixel camera, speaker and mic, which allow you to see what’s going on in front of your house, and communicate with visitors.

The D-Link 3G basically lets you monitor your front door through a mobile phone, and acts as an outdoor intercom. It may sound complicated, but the D-Link installs and is powered like any other traditional doorbell. It will be available through D-Link service providers, but the price is yet to be announced.

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Wakara Sheet Calculator Is Made of Cloth


Very few people use calculators nowadays, because we all have them on our cellphones, but that hasn’t stopped Wakara from producing one of the coolest pocket calculators ever.

The Wakara Sheet Calculator is literally made of cloth and can easily be folded-up and packed away fro the next time you need it. The cloth calculator comes in four different colors, each with its own floral design.

If you’re looking for an cool, innovative, but still old-school calculator, then the folding Wakara Sheet Calculator is just what you need. You can get your hand on one at JapanTrendShop, for around $26. Check out available designs, after the break.


Peregrine Gaming Glove Comes in Handy


Prepare to experience video-games on a whole new level, thanks to the awesome gaming glove from Peregrine.

As you probably know, gaming is all about kicking your opponent’s ass and nothing makes that easier than feeling as comfortable as possible with your pain-inflicting tools (keyboard+mouse). The guys at Peregrine thought to bring gaming to your fingertips, literally.

Simply by wearing the peregrine gaming glove and touching your thumb with your fingertips, you’re able to control what happens in the game. Thanks to some easy to install software, you can replace that boring old keyboard with the gaming glove and create over 30 key-combinations. It’s really as easy as snapping your fingers, and professional gamers who tested it say Peregrine’s gaming glove makes all the difference. Plus, it’s washable.

Those of you interested in owning a Peregrine gaming glove better pre-order now and you’ll be wearing it by the end of January. The price is $129.99


Lightsleeper – A Technological Sleeping Solution

Are you having trouble sleeping without taking a fistful of pills? Thanks to the simple but effective Lightsleeper you can now enjoy a relaxing, drug-free night’s rest.

It might look like a high-tech gadget, but Lightsleeper is a lot simpler than it appears to be. All it does is project relaxing light on the ceiling. As you follow the light slowly moving in a circle you fall into a deep sleep.

Sounds a little like hypnosis doesn’t it? I wonder if you bark like a dog when you wake up…

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