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Pelikon MorphTouch Turns from a Keyboard into a Gamepad


The MorphTouch, from Pelikon, is a device that morphs from a full QWERTY keyboard into a gamepad, depending on what you need at a certain time.

Designed to increase productivity, the Pelikon MorphTouch is compatible with mobile phones and MIDs. If you’re using an application that requires high-speed texting, like email, the QWERTY keyboard could come in real handy.

After you’re done, you can relax by playing a video-game, and the MorphTouch becomes a handy gamepad. If you don’t mind carrying an extra gadget around, Pelikon’s MorphTouch can be really useful, considering it comes with dedicated keys for certain application and services.


Nova Concept DSLR Camera

You thought gaming and photography have nothing in common,didn’t you?Then you’re wrong! Designer Erin Fong came up with the idea for this odd concept which combines a gamepad with a camera.As you can see in the pictures below,the camera is easy to handle and you can move it in different positions for better shots.

Via Gizmodo

NovaDSLR 1