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Seagate Offers SSD-Like Performance With The New Momentus XT HDD

Seagate Momentus XT

This 2.5″ drive from Seagate has been classified as world’s fastest drive for laptops. Called Momentus XT HDD, the drive features a 7200RPM spin speed, 4GB of quick SLC NAND Flash memory and is up to 100 percent faster than an usual 5400RPM drive.

Soon available in 250GB, 320GB and 500GB of storage capacity, the Momentus XT offers high SSD-like performance at the lower price of an usual hard disk drive.  Seagate is getting closer to the solid state drive standards with this hybrid and, if you want to shorten the gap between SSD’s and HDD’s, two hybrid Momentus XTs in a RAID configuration will do the job.

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Seagate To Launch 3TB HDD By The End Of 2010

Seagate HDD

It appears that rumors saying that Seagate will launch a 3TB hard disk drive later this year are true.

The company’s upcoming HDD will only be compatible with 64-bit operating systems. Why is that? The current LBA (logical block addressing) standard offers support for hard drives up to 2.1TB of storage capacity. So, in order to work with full power, the drive requires a 64-bit OS such as Windows 7, Vista and some versions of Linux.

So if you are eager to try Seagates’s upcoming 3TB hard disk drive, you’ll need to get rid of your copy of Windows XP. For now, there are no details on when the new drive will be available of about pricing, but it will surely be expensive.

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Samsung STORY USB 3.0 External HDD

Samsung Story USB 3.0

The Samsung Story external hard drive has been designed to offer high data transfer speeds using USB 3.0 technology. The device comes with different storage capacities, 1TB and 2TB and it features three energy saving modes : idle, sleep and suspend, allowing you to leave it on without thinking about the energy draw.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface is capable of up to 5GBps which is incredibly faster than any device using USB 2.0 that usually has an average transfer speed of 480Mbps. The Samsung Story external hard drives are now available anywhere in the world and come with 3-year warranty.

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Walton Chaintech SSD Converter Makes SSD Storage Afordable


SSD may still be much too expensive for casual use, but thanks to Walton Chaintech’s SSD converter, you can take two CF cards and use them as a hard-drive.

Solid state drive have proven superior to HDDs in pretty much every aspect, but their price tag has been keeping most people away. That probably won’t change very soon, but thanks to Walton Chaintech and their SSD converter, you can enjoy the groundbreaking technology at a discount price.

Taking advantage of the CompactFlash storage speed and the shape of an SSD, the converter works kind of like this: take two CF cards, stick them into the 2.5″ SSD-shaped device and you’re good to go. It supports SATA II and RAID 0/1 and gives you all the advantages of Flash storage.


Buffalo External Hard-Drives Increase Your PS3’s Storage Capacity


With all the big-file media available for the PlayStation 3 these days, it’s very possible you’ll run out of storage space, at one point. The two new 500 Gb external hard-drives from Buffalo give you plenty of space to store your favorite files.

The Buffalo HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC hard-drives are both PS3-certified and compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 3 TV Tuner and “Torne” DTV DVR adapter. Both models will be launched in Japan in March, for 14,800 yen and 11,800 respectively.


Microsoft Announces 250GB add-on HDD for Xbox 360

Xbox360 Add-on

Microsoft announced yesterday that they will come on the market with an add-on 250GB hard-disk drive for the Xbox 360 starting with March. The drive will be offered as a stand-alone unit this time considering that it has been available since last year but with a new console.

The drive is intented not only to the internal storage capacity, but also to store downloaded content through Microsoft’s Xbox Live Marketplace online store, which had 29 million users at the end of last year.