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Mi-Stylus – A Cheap Effective Stylus for Apple Products


If you’re an iPhone user, there has to have been at least one occassion when you wished you had a stylus. Sure the icons are big enough for your fingers, but sometimes you just need some finesse.

As you probably already know, Apple gadgets don’t work with a regular stylus, but luckily, there are some to choose from. Like the newly launched Mi-Stylus, featuring a special composite nib that gets along beautifully with Apple’s touchscreens. It has a large, flat area used to click on larger icons, and a slim edge, specially designed for precision clicking. Mi-Stylus’s design could come in handy when you need to quickly type an email on your iPhone or iPod touch, as we all know how tiny those keys are.

And at just 4.99 pounds, Mi-Stylus is just to cheap to be ignored.

Rear Mirror Mount for iPhone


This car-accessory will keep your iPhone safe while you drive, especially for those who keep their phone on the dashboard. Also, the Rear Mirror Mount will be the perfect accessory when you use your iPhone as a GPS navigation device, because it will be in view and easy to handle. It can be attached to the rear mirror with a clip, covering just a part of the mirror’s edge and not the mirror itself.

The Rear Mirror Mount is compatible with all versions of iPhone and it can be purchased for $20.