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“Your Pebbles” Stand for Your Gadgets

Your Pebbles 1

The “Your Pebbles” is an interesting gadget which brings a little bit of enjoyment on your desk.

As you probably figured in its name and from the picture above, we are talking about a stand made of pebbles of different colors. The pebbles are made of platinum silicon and, when stacked together, they form a cool stand for your smartphone or iPhone and iPod touch.

Also, the pebbles are heat-resistant, so it won’t be any problem if you place your devices on the stand immediately after you have used them.


Hold Your iPhone In A Silverware Man Sculpture

iPhone Silverware Stand

Some designers from ForkedUpArt have thought to create a unique stand for you iPhone and the result was not only original, but an amazing piece of art. The stand comes as a silverware man and you can choose from the iFork or the iSpoon. Even if it’s docked, you will have full access on your iPhone’s screen or charging slot. You can have the iFork or the iSpoon for $30 each. Check out more pictures after the jump. (more…)