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“Your Pebbles” Stand for Your Gadgets

Your Pebbles 1

The “Your Pebbles” is an interesting gadget which brings a little bit of enjoyment on your desk.

As you probably figured in its name and from the picture above, we are talking about a stand made of pebbles of different colors. The pebbles are made of platinum silicon and, when stacked together, they form a cool stand for your smartphone or iPhone and iPod touch.

Also, the pebbles are heat-resistant, so it won’t be any problem if you place your devices on the stand immediately after you have used them.


iDock XL Transforms Your iPhone into an iPad

iDock-XL-iPadCan’t afford to get even the cheapest iPad model, at $499? No worries,all you need is your trusty old iPhone, and the iDock XL.

Many have argued that the iPad is just a blown-up version  of the iPhone, so someone finally came up with an idea to change the multimedia phone into the desired tablet PC. That’s how the iDock XL was “born.”

Sure, it doesn’t look the part, and if your iPhone isn’t jailbroken, you’ll only be able to see video files, due to the restrictions put in place, by Apple. But if your iPhone is jailbroken, you practically have a slightly oversized version of the Apple iPad.

The iDock XL costs only $230, considerably cheaper than the iPad, but the fact that the display isn’t touchscreen (you have to use the iPad’s touchscreen),and the awkward look make the Apple iPad a much better choice.

Check the iDock in action, after the break.

Apple iPhone OS 4.0 Update Comes With Great Promises

iPhone OS 4.0

The long awaited iPhone OS update will be presented tomorrow in a special event initiated by Apple.

The next version of the software is the iPhone OS 4.0 and rumors claim that the most important feature of this new update will be the multitasking which may work the same way Expose works on Mac OS and it will be available for the first time for third-party applications.

Another aspect about the new iPhone OS is that some features from the Apple’s iPad could be added to the iPhone OS, including the ability to customize the background wallpaper using the iPhone in any orientation you want. Also, it is possible to see a merge between the iPhone OS and the iPad OS later this year which will be the iPhone OS 4.1

Via Cnet

Desk Phone Dock Turns Your iPhone into a Landline


If you don’t have a landline anymore, but hate using your mobile phone at home, the Desk Phone Dock turns your iPhone into a landline.

Complete with a handset and everything, the Desk Phone Dock accommodates your Apple handheld, and charges it and syncs it at the same time. You can use it as a speakerphone for the iPhone, and it even features a volume/mute button.

If you’re already dreaming about having a landline again, you’ll have to be a bit more patient, as the Desk Phone Dock will first be presented at China Sourcing Fair, next month.

The i-Luv Speaker Bar Is Perfect For Your iPad


The i-Luv speaker bar is nothing more than another iPad accessory and it can be connected to the Apple iPad via a 3.5mm jack.

Called the iSP150, the device is powered by four AAA batteries and it can also be used together with other devices with a 3.5mm jack socket, such as iPod, iPhone, laptops etc. The powerful built-in speakers offer you high quality and clear sound. The speaker bar is fully mobile and perfect for travel, it has built-in power switch and volume control and it can also be powered via USB cable.

The Speaker Bar can be purchased from the i-Luv online store for $34.99.

Hold Your iPhone In A Silverware Man Sculpture

iPhone Silverware Stand

Some designers from ForkedUpArt have thought to create a unique stand for you iPhone and the result was not only original, but an amazing piece of art. The stand comes as a silverware man and you can choose from the iFork or the iSpoon. Even if it’s docked, you will have full access on your iPhone’s screen or charging slot. You can have the iFork or the iSpoon for $30 each. Check out more pictures after the jump. (more…)

Stainless Steel iPhone 3G and 3GS Case

Stainless Steel iPhone Case

LTD have created a new iPhone case, different from the ones before. The new case is made from stainless steel and gives an unusual look to you iPhone. The case features gaps on its sides which will allow you to access volume, power, lock button and camera.

It also has silicon pads on the interior in order to protect the phone from bumps and scratches and a flip up lid that will give you full control to your iPhone’s touchscreen.


Panasonic D-Dock SC-H40 Designed for iPhone and iPod Touch

Panasonic D-Dock SC-H40

The D-Dock SC-H40 from Panasonic is a stereo system which was designed to work with Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The device features a built-in CD player, a digital amplifier and integrated speakers. There is a sliding door on the back that will hide and protect your iPhone or iPod. The D-Dock also has an AM/FM tuner with a feature that allows you to record from radio , Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot and it comes with a remote that gives you full control of the device.


Street Fighter IV Coming to an iPhone near You


I know it sounds impossible, but Capcom have confirmed an iPhone version of Street Fighter IV will be launched in March.

But what about the kick-ass graphics, stages and character supermoves, how are those going to be ported to the iPhone? Very good question, but Capcom have been working on this version of their acclaimed beat’em-up for months, and they say we can expect the full console experience on the iPhone. Street Fighter’s most popular characters, Ryu and Ken, have been confirmed and Capcom reveals we’ll have a lot more fan favorites to choose from.


TDK’s Wireless Headphones Use Kleer Technology (Not Bluetooth)

TH-WR700 Headphones

TDK has just announced its latest product which will go on sale in Japan on March 1, the TH-WR700 headphones. This wireless pair of headphones is using Kleer technology instead of Bluetooth. The guys from TDK claim that the technology they’re using offers better noise cancellation, up to 40db.

The TH-WR700 can be connected to any device that has a 3.5mm port. The headphones also features 32Ω impedance, 20Hz–20kHz frequency response, 108 dB/mW sensitivity and allows you to listen to music from up to 10 meters away.

Via crunchgear

Rear Mirror Mount for iPhone


This car-accessory will keep your iPhone safe while you drive, especially for those who keep their phone on the dashboard. Also, the Rear Mirror Mount will be the perfect accessory when you use your iPhone as a GPS navigation device, because it will be in view and easy to handle. It can be attached to the rear mirror with a clip, covering just a part of the mirror’s edge and not the mirror itself.

The Rear Mirror Mount is compatible with all versions of iPhone and it can be purchased for $20.

iPhone 3G Supreme Rose Is World’s Most Expensive Phone


At the end of November 2009, the iPhone 3G Supreme bagged the title of World’s Most Expensive Phone, with a price-tag of $3.14 million. Now it’s topped by the iPhone 3G Supreme Rose.

Designed by the same over-the-top British designer, Stuart Hughes, for Goldstriker International,  the iPhone 3G Supreme Rose features an 18K gold casing and 130 flawless diamonds. Believe it or not, this outrageous piece of jewelry was commissioned by the same Australian businessman who purchased the iPhone 3G Supreme. It seems this guy has a thing for diamonds and iPhones.

The iPhone 3G Supreme Rose is now worth $3.15 million.

OWLE Video Rig Improves iPhone Video Quality


The Apple iPhone isn’t exactly known for its outstanding video-camera, so it’s no wonder people are trying to come up with ways to improve on that. Here’s what ThinkGeek has for you:

The Owle Video Rig uses anodized billet aluminum, a mini boom-mic and a wide angle lens to make you feel like a professional film maker. All you have to do is nestle your iPhone inside the metal and silicone case of the OWLE and you’re set to become the next James Cameron.

Check more OWLE photos and features after the jump


Bandshell iPhone Case Improves Sound Quality


Apart from protecting your iPhone in case you happen to drop it, the neat Bandshell case makes it sound a lot better.

The Bandshell iPhone case comes in two pieces, the front and the back sides. The back side is slightly curved at the bottom and slides down to reflect the sound from the speakers towards the user. The sides of the Bandshell case are flat so it comes in handy when you want to watch a movie.

Come February 15 you’ll be able to part with your portable speakers when the Bandshell iPhone case is released, for a price of $19.99

via SlashGear

ION iType – A Full Size iPhone Keyboard


If you feel uncomfortable with the iPhone’s tiny touchscreen keyboard, then the ION iType keyboard, for Apple’s gadget, is just what you need.

Designed for people who are always on the go who need to text and send out emails quickly, the ION iType is a full size QWERTY keyboard that will; make their life a lot easier. Although people at CES 2010 complained the iType makes the iPhone even bigger, ION responded that their product is intended for people who want something less than a laptop computer.


L5 Device Turns iPhone into a Universal Remote


As if there weren’t already enough apps for the Apple iPhone, now you’ll be able to use it as a replacement to all your household remotes.

Thanks to a special little accessory, designed by the L5 Company, that sticks into the iPhone’s power socket you’ll be able to get rid of all your remote controls, universal or not. The application will be available for free, but you will have to spend $45 on the device that makes it all possible.

Your iPhone remote will allow you to drag and drop buttons for your personalized remote-control. You’ll be happy to know it has a capacity of 100,000 buttons and 1,000 remotes.

Next-Generation 2010 iPhone to have 5MP Camera?

OmniVision Technologies continues to work with Apple for the next-generation 2010 iPhone which will have a 5MP camera instead of the 3.2MP camera that the previous iPhone ( 3GS ) was equipped with. OmniVision Technologies also claims that the sales will increase from 20 million to about 45 million for the 2010.

Via Gizmodo


Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit

Want to spend the holidays far from home but still afraid to leave your house because of the robbers? Then the Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit might solve the problem for you.

It features a DVR, 4 night-vision cameras for outdoor and indoor, a mouse and a remote. The coolest thing about this security kit is that if you have an iPhone, you can check live or saved footage from each camera at any time.

The security kit will record in H.264 format and the footage will be stored on a 500GB HDD,big enough to save hundreds of hours of footage.

The Swann DVR4-2500 Security Recorder Kit will be available in January 2010 and it will sell for $699.

Via Gearlog

Swann Security Kit

Portable USB Speaker with 5MP Camera included

With the Portable USB Speaker you can now play music from a variety of devices which support 3.5mm audio plug or USB connectivity like flash drives or external HDD.

The portable USB speaker is compatible with MP3/MP4/PSP/NDS/IPOD/IPHONE/MEIZU M8  and others. It also features a 5 MP webcam and microphone and  it is powerd by an external Lithium battery. The device doesn’t require any software driver to run under Windows Vista and XP.

You can have it for $53.99 from

Via GeekAlerts

Portable USB Speaker

HunterGatherer iPhone Case

Todd St. John, a designer from HunterGatherer, has created this iPhone case because he wanted to get rid of the basic black and gray cases. For $50, the HunterGatherer can be yours and I’m sure you will catch everyone’s attention with it.