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Clingo Neklit Turns Your iPod Nano into a Necklace


To many people, the Apple iPod Nano already is more of a fashion accessory than a techno gadget, so the people at Clingo decided to let them wear it as a necklace, by inventing the Neklit.

The Clingo Neklit is designed to turn your old Nano into a necklace, so you can listen to music and be trendy, at the same time. The Neklit features a sticky pad that holds the iPod in place, without retaining residue or losing its properties in time. It features adjustable lanyard and you can wear it with anything you have lying around.


Usain Bolt Signature iPod Touch Is Covered in Gold


The fastest man on Earth, and one of the greatest athletes in history, Usain Bolt is honored by Goldgenie, with his very own iPod Touch, covered in 24 carat gold.

Now you know you’ve done something right with your life, when you see your name and signature on a golden iPod. Usain Bolt is the latest sports celebrity to have a limited edition iPod launched in his name, but Goldgenie has done it before. Las year, it was Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who gor honored, in the same fashion.


The i-Luv Speaker Bar Is Perfect For Your iPad


The i-Luv speaker bar is nothing more than another iPad accessory and it can be connected to the Apple iPad via a 3.5mm jack.

Called the iSP150, the device is powered by four AAA batteries and it can also be used together with other devices with a 3.5mm jack socket, such as iPod, iPhone, laptops etc. The powerful built-in speakers offer you high quality and clear sound. The speaker bar is fully mobile and perfect for travel, it has built-in power switch and volume control and it can also be powered via USB cable.

The Speaker Bar can be purchased from the i-Luv online store for $34.99.

Fake iPod Spying Camera

Fake iPod Spy Cam

Don’t try to listen to music on this iPod because you will probably end up in a video or something. This a fake-iPod device which includes a spy cam, but I’m not pretty sure this is a practical spying thing. Even so, you can place the fake iPod anywhere you want thanks to the included 360-degree stand but you still need to find an explanation for your friends when they’ll ask why is an iPod mounted on the wall, so you better wear it around the neck.

The device features microSD/SDHC card slot and allows you to record videos at 640 x 480 pixels, at a rate of 25fps or to take pictures at 1600 x 1200 pixels. If you find this fake-iPod spying camera useful you can put your hands on it for $39.

via ubergizmo

Portable USB Speaker with 5MP Camera included

With the Portable USB Speaker you can now play music from a variety of devices which support 3.5mm audio plug or USB connectivity like flash drives or external HDD.

The portable USB speaker is compatible with MP3/MP4/PSP/NDS/IPOD/IPHONE/MEIZU M8  and others. It also features a 5 MP webcam and microphone and  it is powerd by an external Lithium battery. The device doesn’t require any software driver to run under Windows Vista and XP.

You can have it for $53.99 from

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Portable USB Speaker

Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker from JVC

JVSC announced that Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker is now available also in the US.This iPod dock has an unique design and it features two 2.5W speakers that offer high quality audio playback, digital and analog external input and you have full control of it via a remote.

The JVC’s Stylish New iPod Cradle Speaker comes both black and white and you can get it for $149.95

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JVC Stylish iPod Cradle Speaker

Silent Vacuum Cleaner with iPod Dock included

Every time I have to use the vacuum cleaner, the smile on my face disappears and this is not because of the effort, but the annoying noise created by the vacuum. Electrolux came up with the idea of a silente vacuum cleaner which operates at just 68dB. To emphasize this, they also added an iPod dock and a speaker onto the device, so you can now listen to music and clean the house at the same time.

Silent Vacuum Cleaner

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Mr.Pod-Cute USB Flash Drive

Meet Mr.Pod,an USB Drive that looks like an iPod.  Its features are :

* Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified

*Plug and Play,Hot-Swapped capability

*No software installation required

*Support: Windows 7, Vista , Xp , 2000 and Mac OS

*Dimension : 41 x 22 x 8.5 mm

*Weight : 10 g

*Capacity : 4 GB

The reason you should have Mr.Pod are not the features,it is the cute looking.

Mr.Pod USB Flash Drive 1