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Flying KeyMouse Is Just What the Name Says


One of the coolest keyboard and mouse combinations ever invented, the wireless Flying KeyMouse makes you feel like you’re using a Wii remote.

The 2.4 Ghz USB Wireless KeyMouse features 75 keys, a tiny design that makes it ultra-portable, and introduces a smart concept called an air mouse. Using a new kind of position technology, the Flying KeyMouse has you waving through the air, in order to handle the cursor.

Suitable for any environment, thanks to its lightness and ingenious design, the Wireless Flying KeyMouse costs only $59 and can be picked up from Brando. You have to admit that’s a bargain, considering the fun you’ll have trying to do a simple task, like opening a folder.

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Bamboo Keyboards and Mice Grow Popular in China


China has been looking for a more environment-friendly solution to replace the common plastic keyboards and mice. And it appears they’ve stopped at bamboo.

According to Jiangxi Bamboo Technology Develoopment Co. Ltd., China’s only bamboo keyboards and mice manufacturer, their products have really taken off lately, at a national level. Production of bamboo peripherals began in 2008, and so far the products were exported mainly to foreign markets, in America and Europe, where they’ve enjoyed great success.

But, at the beginning of 2009, franchised stores opened in Shanghai and Ningbo, and China instantly fell in love with bamboo keyboards and mice. It’s nice to see one of the world’s major polluting countries taking a step towards preserving the environment, however small it may be.

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Microsoft Announces Sidewinder X4 Keyboard


Microsoft has apparently been working on improving gaming control, and today announced its new anti-ghosting keyboard, the Sidewinder X4.

The new Sidewinder keyboard has a series of features meant to give gamers more control over their in-game experience. Features like the macro-recording mode, adjustable backlight and profile switching are sure to make gaming a lot more enjoyable.

But the most interesting thing about the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 is it’s anti-ghosting feature. It basically allows you to press up to 26 keys simultaneously and have your input detected correctly. The keyboard’s hardware independently scans each key, thus eliminating any ghosting problem.

Microsoft will launch the Sidewinder X4 keyboard in March, at a price of $59.99.

Mobience smallQWERTY – For When Touch Just Isn’t Enough


Although lately everyone seems obsessed with touchscreen technology, there are those who still long for the good old days of the QWERTY keyboards.

Korean company Mobience thought to come to the aid of touchscreen smartphone users who feel like going back to the QWERTY keyboard, every once in a while. Mobience smallQWERTY is a wireless device that connects to touchscreen devices, allowing users to text via the QWERTY keypad, or on the virtual one,usable by touch.

There are yet no details on how Mobience smallQWERTY really works, but you can see it in action, after the jump.


ION iType – A Full Size iPhone Keyboard


If you feel uncomfortable with the iPhone’s tiny touchscreen keyboard, then the ION iType keyboard, for Apple’s gadget, is just what you need.

Designed for people who are always on the go who need to text and send out emails quickly, the ION iType is a full size QWERTY keyboard that will; make their life a lot easier. Although people at CES 2010 complained the iType makes the iPhone even bigger, ION responded that their product is intended for people who want something less than a laptop computer.


Multimedia Remote with Keyboard by Lenovo

This interesting palm-sized Multimedia Remote with Keyboard, model 57Y6336, comes with 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless keyboard, a trackball and USB nano dongle and operates up to 10 meters away. The Multimedia Remote with Keyboard is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and it goes on sale for $60.

Via Lenovo

Lenovo's Multimedia Remote with Keyboard

The Gboard – Shortcuts Keyboard for Gmail Users

The Gboard is a keyboard that features 19 essential Gmail shortcuts like starting a search, starring a message, jumping between message threads, star, archives and others. The keyboard does not require software for installation and you can plug it in your computer using the USB cable.We know that Gmail is Google’s e-mail service but the Gboard wasn’t Google’s creation.It was a film producer, Charlie Mason, who created it.

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