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Boogie Board Writing Tablet Makes Paper Obsolete


With all these new tablets coming out like mushrooms after rain, it’s hard to bring something new to the game. But the new Boogie Board manages just that.

The Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet sets itself apart from the rest of the tablet pack through its capability of replacing the good old pen and paper. That’s right, with this eco-friendly gadget, you can say goodbye to carrying notepads and notebooks with you everywhere you go. With the included stylus ( or any other surface, including your fingers) you can write and draw whatever you like on the Boogie Board, and save it or delete it with the simple press of a button.

Unfortunately, the Boogie Board doesn’t do color yet, but black and white is good enough.

NEC S521 LCD With 52-inch HD Display


NEC’s S series professional LCD displays has now a new member, the S521, joining the existing 40-inch S401, 46-inch S461 and 70-inch S701.

The S521 is a 52″ full High-Definition LCD monitor which has been designed for environments with extended operation times such as airports and other public areas, and also for applications including corporate boardrooms, meeting rooms and video conferencing systems.

List of features for the S521 after the jump


3M’s 22-inch LCD Touchscreen Uses Advanced Capacitive Technology

3M's Multi-Touch Screen

3M has created this 22-inch LCD multi-touch screen which is using the capacitive technology, making it ideal for those who are looking for a LCD touch-screen that offers very fast response time. What could make it a revolutionary touch-screen is the advanced touch-interaction technology which allows users to work with all their ten fingers at once, and not only two as you’ve seen at other touch screens.

The 3M display has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 and it is compatible with Windows 7. Nobody knows the release date but the price will be somewhere around $1500.

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Sideline Cinq Makes Your Laptop a Double Screener


If you’re looking for an easy, cheap double-screen notebook, look no further than the Sideline Cinq, a sweet add-on LCD monitor for your machine.

Double-screened laptops are not easy to come by these days, but the 10.1 inch Sideline Cinq is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install solution. It connects to both Windows and Mac laptops via USB and can be attached to the notebook or placed on a stand.

When in comes out, in the third quarter of 2010, the Sideline Cinq will offer both landscape and portrait views, at a price of $249. If you pre-order from the Sideline website, you can get the Cinq for the reduced price of $199.


Earth-Trek HD LCD Digital Photo Frames

The HD LCD Digital Photo Frames from Earth-Trek feature HD LCD display with great resolution ( up to 1024 x 768 ) and offer support for pictures ( JPEG format ), movie playback and MP3. These can be stored on SC/MMC/SD memory cards or USB drive. The Digital Photo Frames are available in multiple sizes : 7” , 8′ , 10”, 12” or 15” and also include alarm, calendar, A/V output jack and others.

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Digital Photo Frames