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Microsoft Confirms 64 Gb Zune HD


After its brief appearance on the Zune website, on Wednesday, the release of the 64 Gb Zune HD has become a certainty.

A few months after Apple released their 64 Gb iPod Touch, Microsoft counters with their very own 64 Gb version of the Zune HD. Scheduled for release on April 12th, the new Zune HD will retail at $350 and, with its increased storage capacity, it will be able to accommodate 16,000 of your favorite tunes, and play 20 minutes of 720p video.

With the release of the 64 Gb Zune HD, Microsoft is also slashing prices on previous versions of its media player: the 16 Gb Zune will retail at $200, while the 32 Gb version will sell for $270.

via Electronista

Nothing Spells Easter Like a Cross-Shaped MP3 Player


Easter is just around the corner and time is running out, if you’re looking for a seasonal geek gift. Thankfully, this cool cross-shaped MP3 player is just what you need.

Smaller than most players out there, the MP3 cross packs quite a lot of features and is a lot cheaper. Sadly it only packs 2 Gb of memory, but the built-in MIC, 2 color display, FM radio, USB 2.0, telephone book and 7 modes equalizer make it well wort it.

If you’re willing to go “Church-style” this Easter, the cross-shaped MP3 player can be purchased from ChinaGrabber, for just $19.89. Check out more cool photos, after the jump.


Samsung Beat R1 Is Absolutely Gorgeous


Just when you thought the era of media players was slowly coming to an end, Samsung releases its gorgeous Beat R1 player.

Announced, for the first time, last summer, the Samsung Beat R1 is finally about to hit retailer shelves, in April. Smaller than your average credit card and only 50 grams heavy, this amazing piece of design goodness comes with a 2.6 inch touchscreen display, Bluetooth, FM radio, and a battery that will keep it running for 50 hours of audio playback, or 4 hours of video.

The Beat R1 sports Samsung’s proprietary digital Natural Sound Engine (DNSe), which guarantees premium sound quality, and DivX support for video files.  The Samsung Beat R1 media player will retail for $149.99 (8GB) and $179.99 (16GB).

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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player

The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player is exactly what you need to transform your house into mini theater. You can attach 2 hard drives or USB flash drives at the same time and play movies, music or see photos right on your TV. It also offers support for 5.1 sound-system which gives you the feeling that you are in a cinema.

The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player is available at the price of $129.

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Western Digital WD TV HD Media Players