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Portable EKG Device Monitors Your Heart Rythm Everywhere You Go


With all the fast food we’re eating and exercise we’re NOT doing, our hearts just aren’t what they used to be. This portable EKG monitor lets you know if yours is still beating.

But seriously now, there are people out there suffering from severe heart disorders that can’t always go to the hospital, for an EKG. The good news is, now, they don’t have to. Using a quartet of integrated sensors, the portable EKG monitor provides instant heart rate readings.


BenQ GL LCD Monitors Have An Impressive 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio

BenQ GL series

BenQ’s GL series include 5 new LCD monitors, the Benq  18.5-inch GL930, the 19-inch GL931, the 20-inch GL2030, the 21.5-inch GL2230 and the 22-inch GL2231.

According to BenQ, the GL monitors come with an impressive 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, which seems to be the highest on the market. Also, the dynamic contrast ratio ads color depth and definition to darkened and complex visuals.

The new GL monitors also feature 5ms response time, LED backlighting, varying amounts of ports and a resolution of 1,600 x 900 pixels for the 20-inch model which is also the first to enter the market later this month, while the others are expected to go on sale by July.

Via Engadget

Lenovo L2461x Full HD Monitor With Multitouch Capabilities

Lenovo L2461x Wide Full HD Multitouch Monitor

Lenovo has recently unveiled three new 1080p monitors the L2261 Wide 21.5-inch LCD, the L2361p Wide 23-inch LCD and, the main attraction, the L2461x Wide.

The L2461x Wide is a 23.6-inch display and is the only one to include multitouch capabilities. The monitor features 4 USB ports, 2 MP camera, speakers, microphone and MEMC (Motion Estimation,Motion Compensation).

The L2261 has a resolution of 1920×1080p in a sub-22 inch panel, VGA and DVI inputs but no HDMI.

The L2361 features HDMI input and a TV-like stand. It also has integrated speakers and microphone, USB 2.0 ports and a 0.3MP camera included.


Sideline Cinq Makes Your Laptop a Double Screener


If you’re looking for an easy, cheap double-screen notebook, look no further than the Sideline Cinq, a sweet add-on LCD monitor for your machine.

Double-screened laptops are not easy to come by these days, but the 10.1 inch Sideline Cinq is a relatively cheap and easy-to-install solution. It connects to both Windows and Mac laptops via USB and can be attached to the notebook or placed on a stand.

When in comes out, in the third quarter of 2010, the Sideline Cinq will offer both landscape and portrait views, at a price of $249. If you pre-order from the Sideline website, you can get the Cinq for the reduced price of $199.