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Liu Yi’s Mouse Is Toe Operated


If you needed any more proof that we live in a world where physical disabilities can be overcome with the help of technology, Liu Yi’s toe mouse concept should do the trick.

The Chinese designer’s mouse takes full advantage of our natural ability to grip stuff between our toes, allowing disabled people to easily operate it. Its ergonomic shape makes it a perfect fit, between the big toe and the second one. The sensor beneath the two toes act like the left and right mouse buttons.

Thanks to its flip-flop design, the toe mouse will feel familiar even to those who haven’t used it before, allowing practically everyone to handle a computer. Check out more photos of the Toe Mouse, after the jump. (more…)

Microsoft Hardware Brings Three New BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology Mice

Microsoft has unveiled three new mice that are based on the BlueTrack Technology. This technology makes any mouse to work on virtually any surface which is very practical considering the fact that there are people working in airports, buses or any other place where there isn’t a suitable surface for mice. These three new peripherals are the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500, the Wireless Mouse 2000 and the Comfort Mouse 4500.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 has a normal size and comes with a Nano transceiver that keeps it plugged in all the time.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 2000, which is smaller in size, has a minitransceiver that can be snapped onto the mouse’s bottom when not in use. Both Mouse 2000 and Mouse 3500 have ambidextrous design with rubber side grips.


Bamboo Keyboards and Mice Grow Popular in China


China has been looking for a more environment-friendly solution to replace the common plastic keyboards and mice. And it appears they’ve stopped at bamboo.

According to Jiangxi Bamboo Technology Develoopment Co. Ltd., China’s only bamboo keyboards and mice manufacturer, their products have really taken off lately, at a national level. Production of bamboo peripherals began in 2008, and so far the products were exported mainly to foreign markets, in America and Europe, where they’ve enjoyed great success.

But, at the beginning of 2009, franchised stores opened in Shanghai and Ningbo, and China instantly fell in love with bamboo keyboards and mice. It’s nice to see one of the world’s major polluting countries taking a step towards preserving the environment, however small it may be.

Check more photos of bamboo gadgets (including bamboo LCD) after the jump.


The Robotmouse – Strange Computer Peripheral


This is one of the strangest computer peripherals I’ve ever seen. The Robotsmouse, as it is called, was created by Aaron Ristau and has a round body design. Its buttons for left and right “click” look like those of an old typewriter while the scroll wheel looks like something archaic. At the top of the mouse, a LED will illuminate your palm with glowing red light and also you’ll need to stick your finger through that loop when you are using it, as you can see in the video below.

Details about pricing and video of Robotmouse after the jump


Dust Vacuum Mouse Keeps Your Desk Clean


Play video games or clean your desk, what will it be? Now, thanks to the USB Dust Vacuum Mouse, you can do both at the same time.

A simple 800 dpi optical mouse, with a cleverly built-in miniature vacuum cleaner, the Dust Vacuum Mouse won’t blow your mind when it comes to performance, but it’s perfect for cleanliness freaks who can’t stand dust on their desks.

The 100 grams-heavy USB mouse features a dust-bin at its back end, but it’s very small and you have to empty it pretty often, unless you want it to burst in your face. It’s not the world’s greatest gaming mouse, but I think it’s worth $12.69.


Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. Is One Strange Mouse


It’s not even on the market yet and the Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse, from Mad Catz, has already been called the world’s ugliest mouse and even the antichrist.

Looking like it’s been put together from leftover materials, and featuring a large number of bolts, screws and buttons, the Cyborg R.A.T. is definitely bizarre-looking. But I for one love bizarre and the R.A.T might just be my next gaming mouse. That’s if it’s comfortable enough, cause, after all, that’s what counts the most.

The top of the line Cyborg R.A.T. has the following features: wireless, fully adjustable, 5600dpi laser; programmable; weight system; powered by rechargeable batteries. Prices for the Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. gaming mice vary between $49 and $129 and will be shipping sometime in Spring.