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Nintendo Launches Wii Classic Controller Pro


In case you weren’t satisfied with the original Wii Classic Contrtoller, Nintendo just launched an enhanced version,called the Classic Controller Pro.

The “Pro” in the title means a second row of shoulder buttons, and a more ergonomical shape that Nintendo says will enhance gaming experience. The Wii Classic Controller Pro plugs directly into the Wiimote, thus connecting wirelessly to the console.


Nintendo Controller Keychain for the Geek in All of Us


Bandai recently released a series of cool keychains, shaped like NES controllers and able to reproduce sound effects from popular video-games like Street Fighter II.

According to Japanese toy giant Bandai, listening to sounds from your favorite video-games makes you happy. And like every big company who wants t make everyone happy and make money doing it, Bandai released a series of controller-shaped keychains that replay video-game sounds.

The coolest thing about Bandai’s gadgets is you have to get the combo right, in order to get the sound you want. For example, if you want to hear Ryu’s Fist Wave, you have to press down, down, right, right + P (punch). There are three other versions for Street Fighter II, each featuring characteristic sounds of 3 different fighters, as well as other versions, with other video-game sounds.


Sony PS3 Supreme – Covered with Gold and Diamonds

The Goldstriker team, who created the Nintendo Wii Supreme , decided to ”crown” the PS3 too.

The PS3 Supreme will be smothered in 1600 grams of 22 carat solid gold and lots of 26 carat diamonds have been used to create the buttons.

Only three PS3 Supreme will be produced and they will sell for about $320.000 each.

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Gold Plated PS3

Nintendo Wii Supreme – Smothered in Gold and Diamonds

You first had the gold plated PS3 and the Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition,now here’s the big one : Ninetndo Wii Supreme, covered in 2.500 grams of 22kt gold and its front buttons made of 78 Flowless diamonds. Only three Nintendo Wii Supreme will be made and they will sell for about $483.000 each.

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Nintendo Wii Supreme