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Millenniata’s New Disc Publishers Keep Your Data for 1,000 Years


Millenniata’s new Bravo Archive-Series disc publishers deliver “the world’s first truly permanent data archival solution.

The Primera Bravo SE and Primera BravoPro Xi2 feature Millenniata’s proprietary M-WRITER technology that uses high laser power to carve deep grooves in optical discs, grooves that are not affected by natural elements. Ordinary DVD technology uses organic dyes and low laser power to burn marks into the data layer, and over time these marks become unreadable, because the dye degrades in light, heat and humidity.

But Millenniata M-Discs, once written, can preserve data for an estimated 1,000 years or longer. The Primera Bravo SE comes with one M-Writer drive, and retails at $2,995, while the BravoPro Xi2 features 2 drives, and retails at $5,295.