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Eyenimal – The Camera That Spies on Your Pet


Ever wondered where your pets go, what they do, when you’re not around to watch them? ith the Eyenimal pet camera, you always have your eye on them.

Eyenimal is the first camera that straps around your pet’s neck and let’s you experience the world, from his perspective. Whether you want to check out his daily habits, or simply relieve all the fun times you had together, Eyenimal is just what you need. It has 8 Gb of memory,  shoots footage in VGA format and connects to your computer via USB.


My Pet Speaker Makes Music Enjoyable for Your Pets


I know you enjoy listening to music,and you may think your pet does too, but because of their sensitive hearing, they need  a special sound system, provided by Pet Acoustics.

My Pet Speaker has been specifically designed to provide pleasant sounds that cater to the hearings of dogs, cats and horses. Through its 4-inch drive unit and cone reflector, it disburses sound in 360 degrees radius, thus recreating the natural way animals perceive noises. It also tones down the bass level and sound frequencies, making it much more comfortable for animals.