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Power Pyramid Supreme Is the Ultimate Controller Charging Device


Charging your controllers is a simple enough task, but if you had the chance, wouldn’t you want to do it in style? With the Power Pyramid Supreme, from Konnet, now you can.

If you only have one console, either a PlayStation3 or an Xbox 360, storing and charging controllers isn’t too much of a hassle, but if you’re lucky enough to own both, you need something like the Konnet Power Pyramid Supreme. This awesome gadget acts as a charger and holder for your controllers, when you’re not busy mashing their buttons.


Hori HP3-87 PS3 Dock for Gaming on the Go


As awesome as the Sony PSP is, it just can’t match up to the gaming experience offered by the PlayStation 3. But sadly, Sony’s gaming console isn’t portable, or is it…?

Japanese peripheral company,Hori, has developed a nice-looking dock for the PlayStation 3. The HP3-87 features a 720p display and stereo sound, and lets you enjoy your favorite video-games, even when you live home. This might not match up to the  HD television you have in your home, the 1366×768 resolution is more than satisfying for an 11.6 inch display.


PS3 Gives 70MB of RAM back to the Developers

Sony PS3

When the PS3 was first launched on the market, 120MB of its 512MB RAM were used only for OS applications and that means that less than 400MB of RAM were available for game developers.

While the Xbox 360 was using just 32MB for its operating system, the designers of PS3 have tried until now to bring some updates and improvements to the console in order to reduce the amount of RAM used by the OS. Now, they finally managed to reduce the number of MB used by the operating system to 50, which means that there is an additional amount of 70MB of RAM available for game developers to use at will.

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Buffalo External Hard-Drives Increase Your PS3’s Storage Capacity


With all the big-file media available for the PlayStation 3 these days, it’s very possible you’ll run out of storage space, at one point. The two new 500 Gb external hard-drives from Buffalo give you plenty of space to store your favorite files.

The Buffalo HD-AV500U2/SC and HD-CL500U2/SC hard-drives are both PS3-certified and compatible with the upcoming PlayStation 3 TV Tuner and “Torne” DTV DVR adapter. Both models will be launched in Japan in March, for 14,800 yen and 11,800 respectively.


PS3 Finally Fully Hacked?


I know it sounds hard to believe, but George Hotz claims he actually managed to fully hack the Sony Playstation 3.

After 3 years, 11 months and 2 weeks of constant trying, someone has actually succeeded in hacking the PS3. Although it’s not yet official how he did it, George said it was a clever combination of hardware and software. It took him a total of 7 weeks to pull it off, but for obvious reasons George Hotz is not yet ready to reveal the exact way he did the master hacking.

There’s a lot of reversing to be done, but hopefully George’s success will lay the basis to a tool that will allow PS3 users to have more control over their machines.


Sony PS3 Supreme – Covered with Gold and Diamonds

The Goldstriker team, who created the Nintendo Wii Supreme , decided to ”crown” the PS3 too.

The PS3 Supreme will be smothered in 1600 grams of 22 carat solid gold and lots of 26 carat diamonds have been used to create the buttons.

Only three PS3 Supreme will be produced and they will sell for about $320.000 each.

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Gold Plated PS3

Gold Plated PS3 Console

If you are looking for gaming experience with a touch of luxury and your wallet doesn’t feel the effects of financial crisis, then you should take into consideration the Gold Plated PS3. The console can be the main attraction of your home for “only” $4999.

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Gold Plated PS3

U.S AirForce orders up 2200 more PS3 consoles

In March last year,U.S. Air Force has bought 336 PS3s from Sony.The consoles were not dedicated for entertainment,but for their supercomputer research.The primary interest of the U.S. AirForce laboratory is the powerful Cell processor , needed for some kind of a program.What the program entails hasn’t been revealed to the public yet,but we know for sure that U.S AirForce has recently ordered another package of about 2200 PS3 consoles.They say about Sony that is the  “only brand on the market that utilizes the specific cell processor characteristics needed for this program at an acceptable cost.”

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