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Pelikon MorphTouch Turns from a Keyboard into a Gamepad


The MorphTouch, from Pelikon, is a device that morphs from a full QWERTY keyboard into a gamepad, depending on what you need at a certain time.

Designed to increase productivity, the Pelikon MorphTouch is compatible with mobile phones and MIDs. If you’re using an application that requires high-speed texting, like email, the QWERTY keyboard could come in real handy.

After you’re done, you can relax by playing a video-game, and the MorphTouch becomes a handy gamepad. If you don’t mind carrying an extra gadget around, Pelikon’s MorphTouch can be really useful, considering it comes with dedicated keys for certain application and services.


Upcoming Motorola Devour features Verizon Wireless Network

Motorola DEVOUR

The upcoming DEVOUR slider phone from Motorola that runs under Android 1.6 will feature the Verizon Wireless Network and it will be the first Motorola device for Verizon to receive MOTOBLUR Android social networking aggregator service.

Under the aluminum casing, the phone features a 3.1-inch HVGA capacitive touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, a 3-megapixel autofocus camera and ships with an included 8GB microSD card. The device also has a touch sensitive navigation pad, dual-microphone speakerphone with noise cancellation and features pre-loaded applications like Google Search, Google Maps Navigation, Youtube and others.


Mobience smallQWERTY – For When Touch Just Isn’t Enough


Although lately everyone seems obsessed with touchscreen technology, there are those who still long for the good old days of the QWERTY keyboards.

Korean company Mobience thought to come to the aid of touchscreen smartphone users who feel like going back to the QWERTY keyboard, every once in a while. Mobience smallQWERTY is a wireless device that connects to touchscreen devices, allowing users to text via the QWERTY keypad, or on the virtual one,usable by touch.

There are yet no details on how Mobience smallQWERTY really works, but you can see it in action, after the jump.